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Page Templates

All pages on MICA.edu use a page template, also known as page types and schemas. The following four page types are the most common page types you will be working with in the CMS. If you would like to discuss using a page type not listed here, or need assistance, please contact the Web Team.

Flexible Content

The Flexible Content page type is a great all-purpose schema. You can use it to deliver a simple, text-only page, or add in a summar, hero image, and links to supporting content to add value to the user experience.

User-Editable Content

  • Primary Image (A);
  • Short Description (B);
  • Body Copy (C);
  • Featured Right Sidebar (D);
  • Left Column - Calls to Action (E);

Flexible Content page type example


The News page type is used for news and press releases. By utilizing the News page type's categorize tab, and by creating news lists in page types that support them (e.g. Flexible Content), you can create internal news feeds.

User-Editable Content

  • Slide Show (A);
  • Subtitle (B);
  • Date (C);
  • Author (D);
  • Primary Image (not shown);
  • Body Copy (E);

News page type


Profile page types are used for faculty and staff bios. A page tab list is created (see area just right of the profilee's name) automatically from the profile page's children pages. If the page has no children, only one tab will appear.

User-Editable Content

  • Subtitle (A);
  • Left Column Content (B);
  • Primary Image (C);
  • Body Copy (D);
  • Right Column Copy (E);

Profile page type

Student Profile

The Student Profile page type is used for student and alumni profiles. This is a page type that, while the CMS doesn't require many content fields to be used, works best with much content. E.g. if you do not provide any content in fields A, B, C, and D, the layout will break and the main content will slide left.

User-Editable Content

  • Bio Image (A);
  • Program of Study (B);
  • Class Year (C);
  • Left Column Content (D);
  • Slideshow (E);
  • Quote (F);
  • Body Copy (G);
  • Right Column Content (H);

Student Profile page type