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CMS User Guide

MICA.edu is created using a Content Management System (CMS). The CMS enables many people to contribute to the website while creating workflows that ensure multiple people can author and edit content in a structured fashion - an author builds a page, sends it to an editor, and once edits are finished the page is published.

The CMS works like a library check-out system in that only one person can have a particular page at a time. If you are assigned a page, it is in your name exclusively at that moment, and will stay that way until you or someone else advances it to another person.

The following sections offer an overview of the CMS. For detailed how-to information, you may also want to read these guides:

Accessing the CMS

You can access the CMS by logging in at: webdev.mica.edu.

Your login information will be the same as your PeopleSoft login.

Only users who have been given access by the Web Team can login to the CMS. If you cannot login, please contact the Web Team.

If you are accessing the CMS for the first time, you will need to Request CMS Training before doing any work in the CMS.

Once you have logged in, you will notice that the screen is divided into two sections with a bar along the top that includes several control buttons such as Dashboard, New, Save, etc. The section on your left-panel has three tabs: Site, Assignments, and Search. The larger, right-hand panel is where you will be editing, previewing, and categorizing pages. It has Edit, Preview, and Categorize tabs.

CMS Layout

The Left-Hand Panel


The Site tab helps you locate items within the information architecture of MICA.edu. To navigate the site tree, use the plus signs (+) to expand a branch of the site tree. You will notice that the site tree reflects how the pages on MICA.edu are organized. That connection is most easily viewable when you compare the site tree to the left-hand navigation block on your pages. You will see that the order items are listed in in the site tree is the same order they are in on that navigation.


The Assignments tab lists all pages that are currently assigned to you. If you create a page, it will automatically be assigned to you, and stay that way until you, an editor, or an administrator advances the page to another person. You may also have pages in your Assignments tab that other users have advanced to you. You should always keep track of what is listed in the Assignments tab so that you know if action is needed on your part to move content along. Neglecting the Assignments tab can lead to pages not being published because they are in your name awaiting action.


In the Search tab, you must enter the page name in correctly to find pages. You may also search by xID.

The Right-Hand Panel


This tab is where you will spend most of your time in the CMS. It is where you make edits to your page. There are several different page types that have different text fields or browse buttons you use to change the page content. However, some fields are present on every page, such as Title, Abstract, and Body Copy. When you make changes to these fields in the Edit tab you will be able to see how those changes impact the page by using the Preview tab.


The Preview tab generates a view of what the page will look like on MICA.edu. Always preview your page before sending it along to ensure that all your formatting is correct and images are sized properly.


Categorization is not necessary for all pages, but it is incredibly useful for News pages. News pages must be categorized in order to show up on the various news feeds located on MICA.edu - i.e. any of the MyMICA pages, the main News page, or the Events and Exhibitions page. The categories you select using this tab will tell the system what pages your news item should be listed on. For example, if you select the Faculty category, your news item will show up on Faculty MyMICA.

Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)

CTRL + ALT + N New Folder
CTRL + S Save
CTRL + SHIFT + N New Component
CTRL + SHIFT + P Preview Page
CTRL + SHIFT + R Rename Page
CTRL + M Upload
ALT + ENTER Properties
CTRL + X Cut
CTRL + C Copy
CTRL + V Paste
F2 Help
CTRL + SHIFT + I Check-In Page
CTRL + SHIFT + O Check-Out Page
CTRL + D Show Differences
CTRL + N New Page
CTRL + T Advance in Workflow
CTRL + K Assign To
CTRL + F7 Spell Check
CTRL + F5 Refresh Tree
DEL Delete

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to the CMS?

CMS access is granted with respect to MICA's operational needs and the appropriateness of individual positions at MICA. If you don't already have access to the CMS, you will need to schedule one-on-one training with a member of the Web & Electronic Communications team prior to being given access.

What are my login and password for MICA's content management system (CMS)?

Your CMS login and password are the same you use to access many othe MICA online resources, e.g. your MICA e-mail. Your CMS login is what appears before @mica.edu, usually your first initial and last name.

What are the correct settings for Page View in the CMS?

Page View settings

Site: Default
Device: Desktop
Select Show all pages

Why can't I edit this page?

There are three possible reasons for this:

The page is not assigned to you in workflow.

  1. Check to see where the page is in its workflow; then
  2. Click on "Advance in Workflow"; if you see "Begin Working", click it; or
  3. Contact the person to whom the page is currently assigned or a CMS administrator.

It is not checked out to you.

Click the "Check Out" button located on the main toolbar.

You don't have the correct permissions to edit that page.

Contact a CMS administrator.

How do I know my page is checked-in and will be published?

Bold = Marked for publish

Grey/Faded = Checked in

How do I prevent the text from automatically double spacing?

Easy! Simply press Shift+Enter to crate a line break.

How can I see what my page looks like before it goes live?

Two ways:

  1. Click the "Page View" tab located on the Edit pane; or
  2. Click "Preview" located in the main toolbar.

This page was last updated on 03/23/2016.