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Published Articles

Copyrighted material. Used with permission of the National Art Education Association. These articles are reprinted courtesy of the National Art Education Association. For more information please contact the National Art Education Association at 703-860-8000.

Cara Deffenbaugh ('04), Cynthia Hatfield ('04), and Valerie Montana ('04)
Deffenbaugh C., Hatfield, C. and Montana, V. (2006) Artist/art educator: Making sense of identity issues. Art Education, 59(3), 42-47. (pdf.)

Jennifer Crum ('06)
Crum, J. (2007) Educating the art teacher: Investigating artistic endeavors by students at home. Art Education, 60(4), 39-44. (pdf.)

Rachael Halquist ('06)
Halquist, R. (2008) Tough talk: Conversations with students, teachers, parents, and administrators about censorship and free expression in high school. Art Education, 61(3), 42- 46. (pdf.)

Lauren Selig ('07)
Selig, L. (2009). The aesthetics of style in an urban high school art class. Art Education, 62(2), 46-61. (pdf.)

James Hesser ('07)
Hesser, J.F. (2009). Personal perspectives on constructionism in a high school art class. Art Education, 62(4), 41-47. (pdf.)

Rebecca Levine ('07)
Levine, R. (2009). A closer look: Student engagement in artmaking. Art Education, 62(4), 13-17. (pdf.)

Vanessa Lopez ('07)
Lopez, V. (2009). The hyphen goes where? Four stories of the dual-culture experience in art classroom. Art Education, 62(5). 19-24. (pdf.)

Ericka Hansen ('08)
Hansen, E.(2009). Island ecology: An exploration of place in the elementary art curriculum. Art Education, 62(6). (pdf.)

Courtney Bryant ('09)
Bryant, C. (2010). A twenty-first century art room: The "remix" of creativity and technology. Art Education, 63(2). 43-48. (pdf.)

Sherri Fisher ('10)
Fisher, S. (In Press). Aesthetic encounters: The burger king mask and the Carmen Miranda doll in the sculpture classroom. Art Education. (pdf.)

Rebecca Belleville ('12)
Belleville, R.  (2014). Blogging, Zines, and Narratives: New Dialogues in Art History. Art Education, 67 (2). 14-18 (pdf.)

The following three articles are in press, and are not included in this printing.

Lisa Hartjen ('10)
Hartjen, L. (In Press)."Only 8-year-olds can ride this ramp": A study of student responses to kinesthetic-based art instruction. Art Education.

Donna Sinclair (07)
Sinclair, D. (In Press) It's all about you! Utilizing instructional prompts to influence adolescent artistic expression. Art Education.

Teachers College Columbia University
Maryland Institute College of Art
Research Colloquium, 2011

Tondalaya Crites('10)
Crites, T. What can I change where I am? A cross-cultural photographic exchange on Social Justice. (pdf.)

Lisa Hartjen ('10)
Hartjen, L. Spin, slide, jump, and roll: An encounter with kinesthetic-based art making. (pdf.)

Sherri Fisher (‘10)
Aesthetic encounters: The burger king mask and the carmen miranda doll in the sculpture classroom. (pdf.)

Ambria Archibald ('10)
A space for dialogue: Including students in the art exhibition process. (pdf.)