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Single-Stream Recycling

  • Trash receptacles (garbage cans, trash bins, etc) in every building have been (or will be) labeled with either a green "single-stream recycling" sticker or a red "landfill waste" sticker. Place any recyclable items in a trash can with a green sticker. Place any non-recyclable items in a trash can with a red sticker. If you are aware of any trash can that has not been labeled, please contact the MICA Committee on Sustainability at recycling@mica.edu. You can also pick up a green or red sticker to label the cans in your areas as you see fit.
  • Please note that there are very few items that cannot be recycled. Eventually every trash can in every building on campus will be labeled as either a "recycling" trash can or as a "non-recycling" trash can. Our goal is to significantly reduce the amount of garbage going to the landfill. If you are unsure of what can or can't be recycled, please visit our website at www.mica.edu/recycling and download one of our posters.
  • Any recyclable item can be placed inside any recycling trash can (trash cans with green "recycle" stickers) located in any building, or directly into the blue dumpsters.
  • Non-recyclable items (primarily, food waste, ceramics, porcelain, incandescent light bulbs, etc.), should be placed in the "non-recyclable" trash cans.
  • Place any food waste in garbage cans with red "landfill" stickers on them (however, small residual amounts of food waste left on paper wrappers or in boxes, for example, are ok to recycle).
  • The blue plastic recycling bins will continue to be placed next to copy machines. Paper placed in these bins is collected by the Abitibi Paper and Recycling Company, and MICA receives a nominal payment from Abitibi (however, any paper that is placed inside these blue bins can theoretically also be placed in any recycle container since it will be recycled regardless. The only difference will be that Abitibi only collects and pays for paper from the blue bins for their purpose).
  • Recycle stations are located in the trash rooms on each floor of Founders Green and in the Meyerhoff House. It is no longer necessary to separate recyclable items – all recyclables can be placed in the same trash can or bin.
  • Blue Single-stream recycling dumpsters have been located at Mount Royal Station, Founders Green, behind the Brown Center, and at the Studio Center. These dumpsters are large 30-yard containers that have been painted blue to distinguish them from the green dumpsters used for non-recyclable garbage (we are in the process of ordering additional, smaller dumpsters). Large decals have been placed on the blue dumpsters to further identify these dumpsters as being for single-stream recycling.
  • Any recyclable items can be placed in the blue dumpsters. There is no need to separate your recyclables – glass, plastics, metal, paper, etc., can all be placed in the same blue recycling dumpsters.

If anyone needs any assistance in figuring out single-stream recycling on campus, or would like to have a quick course in single-stream recycling "101," please contact the Sustainability Committee at recycling@mica.edu, or contact Facilities at X4251.