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Get Involved

MICA has established a Recycling/Energy Conservation (Sustainability) Committee. This group will explore alternatives for the school to increase its recycling efforts and search for additional means to conserve energy. If you are interested in joining this committee or attending meetings, please contact us at recycling@mica.edu. We welcome your input, ideas, or suggestions.

Current Committee Members

  • Timothy Millner
  • Margaret Newton
  • Steve Krach
  • Edna Blackwell
  • Nicole Evanshaw
  • Chris Bohaska
  • Denelle Bowser
  • Anna Foer
  • Libby Francis
  • Michael Hindle
  • Amina Husain
  • Kerri Litz
  • Katie Maclachlan
  • Janet Mathias
  • Sera Matteo
  • Lili Maya
  • Kateri Michos
  • Michael Patterson
  • Lilah Crews-Pless
  • Hugh Pocock
  • Daphne Porter
  • J. Davidson Porter
  • Krista Quick
  • Rana Silver
  • Scott Stone
  • Michael Weikert

Trash Talk - Student Group

We are a group of students who believe in working together to promote sustainability at MICA. We thrive on guerrilla tactics, creative thinking, and solid networking to succeed in our goals for a sustainable campus. If you want to know more about Trash Talk, visit  micatrashtalk.blogspot.com.


Lilah Crews-Pless


Katie Maclachlan


Krista Quick