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Photocopies and Printing

Paper Size

MICA Postal & Print Services offers printing and photocopying services on:

  • 8 ½" X 11" letter paper, in white, white 3-hole punched, off-white cardstock, or a variety of colors
  • 8 ½" X 14" white legal paper
  • 11" X 17" white ledger/tabloid paper.

Copies can be single- or double-sided, collated or un-collated, and may be stapled or three-hole punched.

Printing Policy

Students, staff and faculty and neighborhood customers may only email or bring in electronic originals for printing saved in the following format:

  • pdf

We can no longer accept docx, tiff, png, psd, ai, fw or id formats. Please convert your Pages files to PDF.

Although we can print from various digital formats, .pdf format works the best with our computers and printers. We may not have access to all of the fonts on your computer, so making a PDF is the best way to ensure your document or image integrity. Bring in your originals on USB drive, or email them to postalandprint@mica.edu.

Combine PDFs to make things go faster: 

Students printing multiple PDFs from a USB drive (or email!) can combine the different PDFs into one PDF to save time. For example, if you have created several art works in InDesign, save them all as separate PDFs. Using Adobe Acrobat Pro, Combine PDFs into one PDF with multiple pages. If 7 should be printed 8 1/2" X 11", save them as one PDF. Save the other 7 that need to be 11" X 17" as one PDF. That way we just have to open two PDFs and send them to the printer instead of 14 different PDFs. Your fellow classmates behind you in line will thank you!


Other guidelines:

  • We cannot accommodate editing. If your image has a dark background, please bring a socond pdf save 15% lighter.
  • If you are printing a zine, you must provide a paper proof with your electronic request to make sure all of the pages line up.

Faculty and Staff Photocopies

Black-and-white photocopies are free to MICA Faculty and Staff, although we do ask that you fill out a copy request form when you bring in your originals for class photocopies.

Color copies are charged back to MICA Departments: 101002-110-XXXXX if no other account number is provided.


The prices below are the same for printing from an electronic original and copying from a paper original.

Black-and-white Copies

Black-and-white copies can be done while you wait, depending on the current queue. The return time increases with the number of originals, number of copies, or the complexity of the copy job. Prices are as follows:

Size 1-100 copies 101-1000 copies
Letter $0.20 per side $0.12 per side
Legal $0.30 per side $0.20 per side
Ledger  $0.40 per side  $0.30 per side

Color Copies

The color copier in the Postal & Print Office makes high quality color copies with a fast turnaround time. Faculty and Staff members must bring a Department code to complete color copy jobs. Prices for Staff, Faculty, Students and other patrons are as follows:

Size 1-100 copies 101-1000 copies
Letter $0.25 per side $0.15 per side
Legal $0.35 per side  $0.25 per side
Ledger $0.50 per side $0.40 per side

Specialty Paper (black & whiter or color prints)

Poster Ledger        $0.75 per side

Card Stock (black & whiter or color prints)

Letter                      $0.35 per side

Ledger                     $1.00 per side


Postal & Print adheres to copyright laws strictly. For material taken from a copyrighted book or internet article, multiple copies may be made of selections limited to 2,500 words (10 pages). For more information on Copyright Guidelines, please consult the following website:


A single copy of more than ten pages, up to one chapter of a book, may be used for the professor's use or to leave on reserve at the library. Multiple copies may be made of non-copyrighted material, material in the public domain (80 years after the author's death), or with permission from the publisher.

This page was last updated on 01/26/2018.