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Community Giving Project

Taught by ceramics faculty member Mathew Karas, In Situ students completed a gift exchange project in which they learned to developed their ability to engage with communities in a creative way. Students were tasked to identify a community issue, opportunity, or need and create a ceramic gift in response to their research. Students were then instructed to "gift" their objects to members of the community in "exchange" for knowledge, understanding, or to increase awareness about their particular issue.  There were multiple groups that explored a range of issues such as pollution in the Chesapeake Bay to limited access to fresh food and vegetables. For example, to increase awareness about pollution in the Bay, one group created porcelain jewelry casts from oyster shells. They distributed them in the Fell's Point/Inner Harbor area with thoughtfully designed packaging that described facts about the Bay and what one can do to continue to take care of it. Another group explored the effects of food deserts and the positive effect of growing one's own vegetables and herbs. They created ceramic pots and planted organic herbs in each pot.  These objects were then distributed in a neighborhood with limited access to fresh herbs and vegetables. The Community Giving Project provided valuable learning experiences about ways to engage an audience and understand their needs.

Ceramic Pots Ceramic Pot Owner
Ceramic students perparing to distribute their pots. Residents receive ceramic pots.
Ceramic Pot Owner Ceramic Pot Owner

Students created porcelain jewelry cast from oyster shells  to create awareness about Chesapeake Bay.

Bay Project Bay Project