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Can you send me your best student to help with my project?

Please be aware that we do not "place" students in sites. Rather, we give students the tools to apply for these opportunities. Furthermore, this gives you the authority to select the students you feel are the best fit for your projects. It also helps the student develop their personal research and application skills, mimicking the professional world that they will soon be joining.

Are students available during the summer and winter break?

Very few students attend classes during the summer. You are encouraged to post summer opportunities in spring before students go away for summer. Many students are not on campus during winter break, we encourage you to make appropriate preparations well in advance during these periods.

Do I have to provide transportation for my project?

A number of our students are without vehicles so please consider public transportation options when posting your opportunity.

If you have more questions about internships, please go to the internship web page on mica.edu