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Community Engagement Toolbox

The Community Engagement Toolbox was developed by the Office of Community Engagement as series of best practices for students, faculty, and staff to use during their partnerships with other institutions and groups. Each of pages below provides information on components one may encounter when working on a community-engaged project. When applicable, links are provided to MICA's official policies as well as useful forms and templates. For a more extensive list of official campus-wide, policies please visit here. If you have any additional questions about the Office of Community Engagement, please contact our office at engage@mica.edu.

Partnership MOU's & Agreements

When partnering with another institution, organization, business, or individual on a project it is important that each party fully understands what their partnership entails.

Group Participation & Photo Waiver

When documenting a project it is important to have participants fill out a photography wavier or participation waiver. This waiver allows you to take and reproduce images or written documentation from your project.

Model Releases

The model release form is similar to the photography waiver and allows you to get consent from a particular person that may appear frequently in your documentation, or may be acting as a model/performer for your product.

Intellectual Property

When working on a project, questions may arise as to the ownership of the product or idea that is generated. Research MICA's IP policy here.

Documenting Projects

Documenting your project is critical. Documentation allows your project funders or supporters to see the larger impact of your collaboration and its outcome.


A transportation plan is important if you or your project will be moving people from one location to another. Please visit this page to research MICA policies in regards to transporation.

Vulnerable Populations

It is essential that you maintain a professional working relationship with everyone you encounter, especially when interacting with vulnerable populations.

Equipment and Technology

As part of your project and documentation you may need to borrow equipment. A variety of audio and visual equipment is available for all members of the MICA community.

General Installation Guidelines

Your project may require or result in an exhibition. For a better understanding of what is expected as far as MICA policy and standards when installing an exhibition, please visit this page.

Public Art

Working with a community group on a project may result in a public art project. It is important to review MICA's policy on public art before installation.

Additional Resources

Click above for information on additional resources which may help you think about your community-engaged project.