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Past Grant Projects

Community Engagement Grants support MICA community members as creative agents of change in Baltimore. Below are a list of past projects:

Hamida Khatri
[i am] Project KALI - Celebration of Womanhood
Fall 2015

[i am] Project KALI is a social justice, arts-based initiative centered around women's interests to construct individual and communal, fiber-based artworks that include puppets, dolls, wall hangings, and quilts of, about, and for themselves. The work was showcased in a group exhibition, More Like You, curated by Jie Yu, Master of Fine Arts in Curatorial Practice ‘16, MICA, at Gallery Four during March-April 2016. The show became an abode for reflection for the women to ponder upon their achievements and evidence of their individual journeys.

The project also participated in Not Alone Baltimore: A Monument Quilt Display in April 2016 where individual stories of abuse were shared and sewn onto the fabric by the participants. The Monument Quilt is a project under the umbrella of Force: Upsetting Rape Culture, which is an art activist effort introduced by Hannah Brancato and Rebecca Nagle to promote support for rape and abuse survivors in the United States. Through both these public exhibitions, participants showed tremendous growth in terms of increased sense of self and empowerment-minds, bodies, and souls.

Kibibi Ajanku
Project Name: It's Community!... Indigo Magic Community Quilt
Spring 2016

Participants contributed to the Indigo Magic Community Quilt. They experienced the natural tie
dye process, using one of the oldest dyes for coloring fabric, INDIGO. They learned about the
Indigo dye, designed their own patterns, experienced the dye vat process, and added their
creations to a process to make a community quilt that will be on display at the Indigo Magic
exhibit closing reception. It was magic!! Indigo Magic!

Precious Blake
Refugee Youth Project Mural
Summer 2015

A collaborative mural answering the question"What makes up a community" was created with students involved with the Refugee Youth Project (RYP), which provides academic and extracurricular support for students who are refugees, first generation students, or immigrants. Student participated in a 5 day intensive workshop. I had an influx of 510 students who came to the workshops. For the final mural, students drew things they remember from their home country and things in America that fit the theme such as fish, rice, a graduation hat,drums, and basketball hoops.

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