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OCE's Role

CBL supports curricular projects that promote student learning while engaging with individuals and organizations outside the curriculum. Projects should:

  • Engage a majority of course-enrolled students in the project's implementation
  • Support one or more community-engaged student learning objectives
  • Respond to a community-identified issue, opportunity or need

The Office of Community Engagement provides tool and resources to support the collaboration. Faculty participating in CBL are eligible for up to $1500 in eligible project funding and will receive a modest stipend at the conclusion of the course. CBL projects occur in established courses only. OCE will provide the following technical and financial support for the duration of the course:

Technical Support

Before the course, OCE can provide:

  • Assistance brokering meetings between faculty, community partners, and our office.
  • Assistance developing a participation agreement between MICA and the community partner.
  • Access to forms, templates and contracts that pertain to community-engagement risk management policies and procedures.
  • Guidelines for photo documentation of the community-based learning process and/or product.

During the course, OCE will provide guidance and/or assistance with:

  • Brokering meetings between course and community partners.
  • Guidance documenting projects including photography and written material.
  • Acquiring project supplies.
  • Evaluating effectiveness of the partnership and its outcomes.
  • Garnering media coverage (achieved in partnership with MICA's Communications Department).
  • Troubleshooting, when necessary.

Financial Support

  • OCE will provide funding for courses including:
  • Modest faculty stipend for development of new course content.
  • Up to $1500 in direct project costs (printing, supplies, transportation, etc.)

This page was last updated on 05/11/2016.