Community-Based Learning

The Community-Based Learning (CBL) program supports partnerships between MICA students and faculty, community organizations and the Office of Community Engagement (OCE). With a focus on Baltimore, CBL seeks to provide transformational learning experiences for students, support faculty teaching community-engaged courses, and bring about positive outcomes for both MICA and the community.

What is CBL?

CBL is a collaborative partnership between MICA faculty and students, community organizations, and the Office of Community Engagement. Faculty and students lend their time and talents to implement a community-engaged project. Community organizations create opportunities for students to engage with community members and experts. OCE provides tool and resources to support the collaboration.

For AY 17, CBL will support curricular project exploring the history, politics and mythologies of race in America. This theme corresponds to themes explored in three major exhibitions that will be on view next year at MICA.  These include Rising Up (Working Title), Laying by Time: Revisiting the Work of William A. Christenberry, and Mickalene Thomas' Muse and Tête-à-Tête.

How does it work?

  1. A faculty member or community organization generates an idea for a community-engaged project.
  2. A MICA faculty member provides vision and structure to integrate the project into their course.
  3. An organization provides context for the collaboration by creating opportunities for students to interact with community members and experts.
  4. Students apply their knowledge and skills as artist and designers to address community issues, opportunities, or needs.
  5. OCE provides modest funding to support the collaboration and tools and assistance to help manage the partnership.

Interested in Participating in CBL?

Faculty members interested in participating in CBL can fill out a project proposal here. Community organization interested in participating in CBL can contact Stephen Towns, Program Coordinator, at 410-225-2504 or with idea and timeline.

OCE Support

Find more info about how OCE supports courses through the CBL program  here.

Have Questions?

Explore CBL's FAQ page or contact Stephen Towns, Program Coordinator, at 410-225-2504 or