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MICA Alumni Association

Mission Statement

The mission of the MICA Alumni Association (led by the MICA Alumni Leadership Council) is to foster mutually beneficial relationships between alumni and all other members of the MICA Community, to support the interests of MICA and its alumni, and be a resource for its current students, our future alumni, through engagement and professional development.

Purpose Statement

  • Advocating and promoting the interests and welfare of the College and the professional achievements of its alumni
  • Empowering alumni by celebrating their achievements, providing professional networking and development opportunities, and relevant benefits
  • Supporting current students through scholarship, engagement, mentoring, and professional development opportunities, and preparing them for life after graduation
  • Expanding MICA's reach through the development of regional, national, and international alumni engagement
  • Strengthening the MICA Community by providing opportunities for meaningful connection to alumni on campus and beyond


The Young Alumni Network, an ancillary body of the MICA Alumni Leadership Council, seeks to actively involve MICA alumni who have graduated in the past 10 years.

Its primary mission is to foster young alumni and student programming and networking, support the student-alumni transition, and maintain a connection to the broader alumni community.

The Young Alumni Network seeks to better support and engage recent graduates with programs and communications that are uniquely tailored to their own needs and perspectives. It seeks to foster and sustain the active involvement of young alumni in the support of MICA and the Alumni Association. The Network will also act to shepherd the development of volunteers and future leaders in ways that deepen their commitment to MICA and prepare them for active roles in the expanded MICA community.

The Young Alumni Network also acts as a voice for young alumni concerns to the Alumni Association and MICA. The Network is led by Jennifer-Rose Rizzo '14, who also serves on the MICA Alumni Board of Directors.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Young Alumni Network, please contact Lindsay Dorrance, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations, at ldorrance@mica.edu.


The MICA Alumni Cornerstone Society, an ancillary body of the MICA Alumni Leadership Council, was organized to encourage the continued interest and participation of MICA alumni who have demonstrated a long-term, significant commitment to MICA and the Alumni Association. Members of the MICA Alumni Cornerstone Society must have demonstrated distintinguished service to MICA over the years, either by keeping abreast of MICA's accomplishments, needs, and activities; volunteering his/her time and support whenever the opportunity is presented; or by supporting MICA's Annual Fund campaigns.

The goals of the MICA Alumni Cornerstone Society:

  • To encourage members to renew friendships, strengthen their ties with MICA, and share their artistic pursuits
  • To consider vital issues of MICA and to provide an opportunity for MICA leadership, faculty, and staff to discuss contemporary issues or new developments at MICA
  • To devise ways and means of encouraging financial contributions to MICA

To nominate someone for the Alumni Cornerstone Society, please contact Lindsay Dorrance, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations, at ldorrance@mica.edu.


Regional Initiatives Committee

In conjunction with the regional programming efforts of the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, this committee apprises the Alumni Council and the administration of the achievements, opportunities, and needs of the regional alumni and recommends ways to strengthen and enhance their participation. In addition to formal relationship building, the committee also works to create regional chapters and alumni ambassadors across all regions.

Alumni Programs Committee

The Alumni Programs Committee is responsible for strengthening alumni engagement through events, programs, and outreach by facilitating alumni involvement in MICA events, as well as providing program ideas and on-site support.

Careers + Networking Committee

The Careers + Networking Committee provides guidance and support to MICA's Office of Career Development in its efforts to increase interactions between students and alumni for career-related issues and to facilitate the relationship between Career Development and the Alumni Association.

This page was last updated on 09/07/2017.