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MICA Campus Safety - Security Information Alert for Monday 4/8/13

Lanvale St.

Posted 04.08.13 by Campus Safety

The following message was sent out to all Staff, Faculty and Students on 4/8/13:

 On Monday April 8, 2013 at approximately 10:00 p.m. a MICA student walking alone on Lanvale Street (near John Street) was approached from the front by an unknown individual who demanded her waltet and cell phone. After taking her property the perpetrator fled the scene heading North.
No injuries have been reported. MICA Campus Safety responded quickly and continues to search for the perpetator, but a suspect has not yet been apprehended. A viable description of the perpetrator is not available.
Baltimore City Police and Campus Safety will be increasing deployment to these areas. In addition, Campus Safety will be meeting with Baltimore Police District Command to develop a special Bolton Hill and near campus patrol initiative. Campus Safety encourages all members of the MICA community to always remain vigilant and:

-Avoid isolated areas and walking alone; always use the evening shuttle when in service (Monday-Friday 5:00 pm-3:00 am and Saturday-Sunday 5:00 pm-4:00 am; last call is twenty minutes before end of service).

-Always be alert to your immediate surroundings and keep track of who is around you. Be especially vigilant in the evening and on weekends when there is less pedestrian traffic in Bolton Hill and on campus.

-Don't allow strangers to approach or follow you on the street. If asked to stop or talk - keep moving away while you listen and watch to size up the situation. If you sense that someone may be following or moving toward you, abruptly change direction several times while moving quickly toward a safe public area or place where you know assistance will be available. You will see how the person responds, and by moving toward a place where assistance is available, you will be that much closer to help if you decide escape is necessary.

-On-Campus Walking Escorts are available. Officers will walk with you between campus buildings or to/from your car. Request service through a lobby security guard or call 410-225-2245.

-Register for Rave Guardian and MICA Alert at the same time. Transform your mobile phone into a personal alarm beacon. In the event of an emergency, critical information you elect to share will be provided to MICA Campus Safety to help us more quickly respond and help you. With the push of one button on your cell phone, help is on the way when you need it. This service is provided to you free of charge by MICA.

-See Something... Say Something - Immediately report suspicious persons parked, hanging around, or walking through campus or your neighborhood. Please help us prevent something suspicious from becoming a crime by being extra eyes and ears for Campus Safety and Baltimore City Police. Call in a "tip" and patrol units will respond to the area to investigate.

- Baltimore City Police - 911

- MICA Campus Safety - 443-423-3333 or activate Rave Guardian