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Wendy Jachman

Wendy Jachman picture

from: Baltimore, MD

Trustee/Donor Profile: Family Values

“MICA is a serious player in the art/academic world and its presence in that world withstands the test of time. I am proud to boast of my association with MICA.” 

For MICA Board of Trustees member Wendy Myerberg Jachman, giving to MICA is more like supporting family. She literally grew up artistically on the campus— taking art classes there as a child and attending MICA for the freshman Foundation experience. Perhaps that is why one of her favorite aspects of supporting MICA is interacting with the students and watching them grow. As chair of the board’s Student Affairs committee, she enjoys the special responsibility of helping to structure the dynamic and respected learning tradition that is the hallmark of a MICA education.

Art has indeed been a family affair for the Myerberg family. Jachman’s mother, Louise Myerberg, was an interior designer who also took classes at MICA; sister Jennifer Myerberg is a water colorist and a ceramist; and brother Henry Myerberg is an architect. And even as Jachman entered the business world with her father, she continued to be devoted to her own creative career. Her career as a textile artist led to large commissions in which she has used narrative tapestries to capture the essence of the institution in which it is installed. Though featured in New York and Florida, most of Jachman’s work has been in Baltimore, a byproduct of her commitment to her community.

In addition to her work with MICA, Jachman is an extraordinary supporter of the arts in Baltimore and beyond, as evidenced by her involvement in a diverse array of organizations and causes.

Jachman believes deeply in art ’s importance to society as a whole. The sciences are important , she maintains , but nothing compares to art ’s ability to inspire people , to enlighten society , and to promote ideas . I nvesting in MICA is one way she hopes to ensure that talented artists and designers can share their gifts with the world .