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Stephen Edmond

Graphic Design Alumnus Stephen Edmond

BFA Graphic Design

Class of 2011

from: New Orleans, Louisiana

"MICA’s design program has equipped me with the fundamentals while encouraging me to break rules and be expressive." 

As an actor, Stephen Edmond '11 (graphic design) had starred in the Fox TV drama K-Ville, and a Lifetime Movie Network film, Racing for Time. He's had paid internships with Emedia and the Anthony Bean Community Theater, and is writing and designing a book, Chronicles of the All Nighter, which began as a project for The Narrative, a class at MICA. He was also a board member for MICA's Black Student Union.

When he was sixteen, his passion and skill as an artist had earned him national awards and it seemed like there was nothing standing in his way... until that fateful day on August 25, 2005. He was in Shreveport, Louisiana witnessing the breathtaking disaster of Katrina unfolding in New Orleans on the television along with relatives. At that moment-when his creativity and ambition was drowning in his city-he'd discovered the creative vehicle that he'd longed for: graphic design.

Returning home in August 2006, his passion for art was restored and purposeful, and he'd created his portfolio that helped him gain admission into MICA. "MICA's design program has equipped me with the fundamentals while encouraging me to break rules and be expressive," he'd said.

During his undergraduate career, he was inspired by Brian Collins, a visiting artist at MICA, when he'd passed on some information to the students. He'd stressed that great designers aren't just problem solvers- but also problem seekers. "It's my job as a designer to identify important issues and address them with my work. That mentality has inspired me to transcend normal expectations and make a true impact on the world."