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Robert Davis and Janice Davis

Robert Davis and Janice Davis picture


Class of 1964

Alumni/Donor Profile: A Personal Reflection

Robert V.P. Davis '62 is a painter, sculptor, designer, and illustrator who has exhibited in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Chicago, Utah, and Los Angeles, as well as in Sinop and Ankara, Turkey. A MICA graduate in painting, he and his wife, Janice, have been passionate supporters of MICA. 

“From the first day I walked onto the MICA campus, I felt a wave of belonging. After a lifetime of academic struggle because of dyslexia, it was exhilarating to finally be in an environment that played to my strengths and to be working on a level playing field with my classmates. I knew I was there to learn as much as I could and to develop as an artist -- my passion since childhood. At MICA we were all artists. Creating and designing was in our blood. Artists are mysteries, not formed from a common mold, but original in their thinking or creative bent. Artists are chosen to reach for the skies. They are blessed with the imagination to forge new paths through images that unite without words.

Four years studying fine arts provided sufficient foundation to break into a graphic design career that led me eventually to work with many of the leading companies in the Baltimore and Washington area. From advertisements, films, collateral, to the Internet, we see how important art and design are in our lives. Little did I know then that my connection to the college would last a lifetime. Many of my most enduring friendships are with former MICA classmates and students. What bonds us all is the cement called art; art is our connection.

I have supported the college as an alum since the 1970s, serving on the alumni council, more than 25 years of fundraising (the annual phonathons were a great way to stay connected with alumni I didn’t see on a regular basis), and participating in scores of events. Even my wife, Janice, has a connection to MICA as a result of her community relations work with PNC Bank and its Maryland predecessor, Mercantile.

Our support for the Institute is rooted in these connections. My hope is that every graduate will experience these same bonds and thus be inspired to support the school in whatever way he or she can. MICA was founded on the ideal that a top notch arts education should be available to every talented student, regardless of circumstances. As donors, we believe that we are bringing this ideal to life.

What sets The Maryland Institute College of Art apart from other art colleges is its leadership in the world of art and design. From John Latrobe through Fred Lazarus, the college has continually reinvented itself, evolving from a school focused on industrial design to become a leader in digital, technical, and fine arts today. Its visionary leaders, the dedication and ingenuity of its world-class faculty, its cuttingedge academic programs, the contributions of its graduates -- all combine to make the school a magnet that attracts the most talented students from around the world.” — Robert V.P. Davis