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George & Donna Wiedemann

wienemann picture

from: Greenwich, New York

Parent/Donor Profile: Believing

"We believe in MICA and we believe that what MICA is doing is enriching our culture." 

When it comes to causes they support, education has always been at the top of the list for George and Donna Wiedemann. That’s because they believe that education is the key to driving civilization forward. That belief became even more important when son Spencer began preparing to enroll in college.

The Wiedemann’s looked at other art colleges, but chose MICA because of its curriculum focused on ensuring that students are productive artists even in the course of their art education, and then are prepared to go on to the meaningful careers. George’s dad attended the Chicago Art institute, but George now has an even better appreciation for the fullness of a high quality art education. It’s clear, he says, that MICA graduates are successful because their education has wide application, empowering graduates to pursue careers ranging from exhibiting artist to marketer to website designer.

According to George, this century will be one defined by content. Apple Inc., he points out, is the most valuable company in the world in part because Steve Jobs was a “design fanatic” and built a company that enables people to more easily develop and share content.

The world ’s appetite for art and design education is “ exploding ,” George says , because it is at the center of creating content.

George would know. As CEO of the rapidly expanding U Marketing communications firm, the ability to create meaningful content for clients is a key element of the company’s success.

The Weidemann’s passion for art and design education extends beyond the corporate arena, however. Extensive travelers, they recognize that advanced, mature cultures support art and music. America, in their opinion, could use more artists and designers.

Spencer, now a student at MICA, is on his way toward taking his place among America’s creative class. He finds the creative environment stimulating, and especially enjoys learning from and interacting with his instructors. George and Donna are now Parents’ Council members, and hope that their volunteer and financial support can help further the mission of the College and the vision of President Fred Lazarus IV.