MBA/MA in Design LeadershipThe MBA for Both Sides of Your Brain

MICA and Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School have partnered to link business management fundamentals with the creative approach to thinking and problem solving used by the world’s top designers. New approaches are needed to solve today’s complex global business challenges, and traditional MBA programs only offer traditional instruction. Learn to make innovation your standard mode of operation, not a special project.

Students in this 20-month program will:

  • Earn an MBA and an MA in Design Leadership that grows valuable new skills in a compressed time period;
  • Gain in-depth knowledge in areas including strategy, finance, statistics, economics, ethics, law, marketing, operations, and human capital management along with visualization, prototyping, cultural relevance and awareness, design theory, sustainability, and social responsiveness.
  • Develop expertise in strategy formulation, audience targeting, research, and design thinking through a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving;
  • Study in a cohort of peers with a broad array of expertise and knowledge;
  • Learn through educational experiences that immerse you in real-world situations presented by real-world companies, nonprofits, governments, indviduals, and others.

Who Should Apply

The MBA/MA program in Design Leadership enrolls students who want to be transformative business leaders at the highest levels by developing a next-generation approach to management and problem solving. Students' backgrounds include business management, marketing, engineering, finance, art and design, architecture, fine arts, and other fields. Successful candidates will have:

  • An interest in becoming a leader in commerce;
  • A desire to grasp both business practices and the principles of problem solving used by designers and creative individuals;
  • Strong writing and communication skills;
  • The ability to work in teams and collaborate with individuals from multiple fields;
  • Enthusiasm for multi-disciplinary study and research.


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