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Scripting Resources

Actionscript Tutorials Emphasis on AS3 and Flex
AJAX tutorial Asynchronous Javascript And XML tutorial
Arduino Tutorials Official documentation
Centering a DIV with CSS CSS Centering- Fun for All
CSS tutorial W3Schools tutorial with examples and general CSS resource
Daniel Shiffman blog Advanced Processing experiments, code resource
Flashkit A Flash Developer Resource Site
HTML / XHTML Reference XHTML tag reference
Instant Hacking Fun intro to programming concepts using Python by Magnus Lie Hetland
Javascript tutorial Good place to start Actionscript resource with tutorials
MySQL and PHP tutorial Communicating with a MySQL database using PHP
PHP 101: PHP For the Absolute Beginner Excellent, easy to follow PHP tutorials
Quartz Composer Tutorials Basic examples
Quartz Composer Tutorials Create a screen saver
Quartz Composer Tutorials Basic tutorial
SQL tutorial Tutorial and brief reference to use with MySQL
Up-to-date Javascript Reference With links to tutorials