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In keeping with MICA's emphasis on interdisciplinary exploration balanced by solid training in traditional skills, the GFA major lets students shape a unique major from the full range of courses offered by the College's fine arts departments. Strong advising and a series of core courses help students define their studio practice to achieve a personal vision. The program prepares students to be a historically grounded, perceptive, and critical analyst of the world of contemporary art and culture while providing the tools and experiences needed to develop a unique artistic voice.

Nikia's flickr uploads from top to bottom:
1 Caribbean Carnival.
2. MICA's annual Fashion Show junior year--I was co-coordinator for the show that year.

Student Profile:  Meet Nikia Kigler

General Fine Arts Major | Printmaking and Photography | Concentrations

Nikia has been extremely active in student life at MICA, including serving as co-coordinator for MICA's BSU Fashion Show. Her work has been featured in solo exhibitions at the Riverview Gallery in Portsmouth, Virginia, and in other venues. Her goal is to work as a photographer in the entertainment industry, continue her fine arts work, and possibly teach.

One of my favorite teachers at MICA is Leslie King-Hammond, who directs MICA's Center for Race and Culture. I loved her African Art Forms class. She has helped me grow both in my artwork and as a person questioning why I am interested in certain topics. Her classes have balanced what I've learned about executing my work from my studio faculty.

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Alumni News

GFA alumnus Jeff Koons '76 was one of five artists from around the world awarded the U.S. Department of State's first ever Medal of Arts for their outstanding commitment to international cultural exchange and the Art in Embassies program. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented the award to Koons on Nov. 30.

WATCH: Jeff Koons talk about his award with Time Magazine.

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