Fiber students at MICA pursue both two- and three-dimensional approaches to the medium while gaining the technical skills needed to fully investigate the possibilities of textiles--from installation to wearables, and video to interactive performance. As they work with a wide variety of materials, methods, and equipment, majors engage in a curriculum that explores conventional and nonconventional processes and allows them to experiment with other disciplines in order to enhance their work in fiber.

A Lifelong Learner

When freshman Ursula Populoh '15 (fiber) was first shown the fiber studios in MICA's Mount Royal Station building, the experience brought her to tears. "We walked by a studio, and I saw a dress form," she explained. "I started to cry, because I wanted so badly to be here as well."

That tour was given to her by her daughter, Valeska Populoh '06 '07 (fiber, Art Education), who at the time was studying at MICA and now teaches in the Fiber Department.

"I was envious but not in a bad way. I was envious because my daughter could go where I would like to go," she said.A native of Germany who grew up in the aftermath of World War II, Ursula dreamed of going to college. Beginning a family, running a business, and immigrating to the United States came first. Then, once she settled in America, the education of her son and daughter came next.

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Her love of learning could not be denied, however, and her passion for fiber led her to take continuing studies courses and workshops; but Ursula wanted more.

The decision to finally fulfill her dream of attending college came with the help of a friend, MICA faculty member and past Fiber Department Chair Susie Brandt, during a year abroad in Europe.

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