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Printmaking Courses: Summer

Printmaking Courses: CS Summer

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Course # Course Title Credits Instructor Cost
CSPR 230 Monoprint/Monotype 1.5 credits Ursula Minervini $615

Section A Meets 5/27/2014 to 6/26/2014 on Tuesday,Thursday from 6:00 PM to 9:45 PM.

Monoprint and monotype printmaking techniques offer the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind prints that may be painterly or graphic, colorful or monochromatic. Drawing inspiration from artists including William Blake, Paul Gauguin and Edgar Degas, students explore a variety of monotype and monoprint techniques. The direct nature of the process lends itself to exploration and experimentation. Technical demonstrations and in-class exercises introduces students to the range of possibilities offered by this unique medium. Students also work independently, with regular group and individual critiques, to produce a thematic body of work. Note: No class on November 21. All printmaking classes are held in MICA’s printmaking studios unless otherwise noted. Open studio time, including evenings and weekends, is available to Continuing Studies students enrolled in printmaking courses according to a schedule determined by the printmaking department. Ask your instructor for details.
PR 218 Screenprinting 3 credits Robert Tillman $1560

Section A Meets 5/22/2014 to 6/10/2014 on Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Explores the different possibilities of water-based screen-printing in a professional print shop atmosphere. Students can gain a solid working knowledge of screenprinting, employing both traditional and contemporary methods of stencil making, film preparation and printing methods on various papers, as well as alternative surfaces and materials. Techniques such as digital film outputting, mixing gradations with ink, multi-color registration, and fourcolor process printing are demonstrated and employed. Through independent projects, demonstrations, and critiques, students are encouraged to create a cohesive body of work and utilize the medium for their own individual artistic needs. Prerequisites: FF 100 and FF 198. Suggested for all printmaking majors in their sophomore or junior year. May not be repeated for credit.