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Continuing Studies: Drawing, Painting, and General Fine Arts Courses - Summer Courses

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Course # Course Title Credits Instructor Cost
CSDR 202 Focus on the Figure 1.5 credits Eric Rutledge $615

Section A Meets 5/28/2014 to 7/30/2014 on Wednesday from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM.

This course, suitable for both the beginning and intermediate student, focuses on gaining proficiency in drawing that most fascinating and complex of subjects, the human figure. Concepts to be covered include anatomy, proportion, gesture, contour and modeling in light and dark. Students will increase their understanding of the dynamics of the human form and build confidence in expressively rendering the figure in two dimensions. Working from a live model with varied poses, lighting and settings, students will progress from quick studies that aim to capture the essence of line and form to extended poses, working towards longer and more finished compositions as the course culminates. A variety of drawing media and techniques, such as charcoal, conte crayon, graphite and ink, will be introduced. Slide discussions, critiques, demonstrations and out of class drawings round out the experience.
CSDR 239 The Face and Figure in Pastels 1 credit David Little $410

Section A Meets 5/27/2014 to 6/19/2014 on Tuesday,Thursday from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM.

Combining the pure, rich color of paint with the directness and spontaneity of drawing, pastels are a versatile and expressive medium for rendering the human form. This course introduces basic materials and methods for rendering the figure in pastels and other related media. The course begins with a review of basic anatomy, starting with the face and proceeding to the figure. Students will use a monochromatic approach to capture tonal structure with charcoal and conte crayon, and then progress to the use of full color. In subsequent sessions, their color options and pastel techniques will broaden to encompass a range of expressive effects, from subtle realism to bold invention. Students will also gain exposure to working on different supports, including toned paper, canvas and sandpaper. Lectures with slide presentations will trace various artists' use of the pastel medium from its beginnings in the 16th century to the present day. Note: On the first day of class, students should bring a set of 15 (or more) soft/chalk pastels (Rembrandt brand is recommended) and an 18'' x 24'' Strathmore (or other brand) pad with assorted colors of pastel paper. In addition, the student should bring a box of soft vine charcoal, two conte crayons in Sanguine Medici and bistre color, a kneaded eraser, a plastic eraser, and one can of workable fixative.
CSPT 238 Painting II: Beyond the Basics 1.5 credits Dorothy Valakos $615

Section A Meets 5/27/2014 to 6/26/2014 on Tuesday,Thursday from 6:15 PM to 10:00 PM.

For painters who have some comfort with the medium, but desire greater technical proficiency and seek a more personal direction for their work. A combination of directed assignments and individually-customized projects aim to strengthen students’ skills and further their creative processes. Participants will explore the practice of painting in a series, with consideration given to issues of theme, media, method, scale, and other criteria necessary to produce an integrated body of work. Students will be encouraged to deepen their ideas and expand their formal and conceptual vocabularies. There are no restrictions on medium, form, subject, or style. Prerequisite: CSPT 102A Learning to Paint or equivalent. Note: Participants should bring at least three examples of their work and all painting supplies to the first class meeting. No class on March 18.
DR 252 Life Drawing 3 credits Lauren Boilini $1560

Section A Meets 5/27/2014 to 6/24/2014 on Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

An intensive study of the nude. Issues of form, structure, volume, movement, composition, and expressive possibilities are explored and practiced. Recommended sophomore course.
DR 392 Watercolor Drawing 3 credits Randi Reiss-McCormack $1560

Section A Meets 5/23/2014 to 6/24/2014 on Monday,Wednesday,Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Varied approaches to watercolor as drawing medium. Emphasis on handling of wash areas and brush strokes in traditional and experimental ways; on use of color, on representation of volumes and spaces, and on techniques unique to watercolor medium.
NCDR 110 Open Studio Model Sessions 0 credits - TBA $75

Section A Meets 6/3/2014 to 7/15/2014 on Tuesday from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM.
Section B Meets 6/1/2014 to 7/13/2014 on Sunday from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Sessions are offered for those who want to draw or paint from the live figure. Each section includes two models - one for quick poses for sketching and one for sustained drawing or painting. A class coordinator will ensure the quality of each session. No formal instruction is offered and there are no prerequisites. Note: At least 25 students must enroll in each section for it to run. Section A will not meet on March 15 and April 5 and Section B will not meet on March 17.