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Federal Required Disclosures

Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Fine Art

A number of new federal disclosure reporting requirements for Certificate Programs at all post secondary schools are not in perfect harmony with the mission and goals of MICA'a Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Fine Art.  The program is designed to develop studio skills, perfect portfolios and aid in the process of gaining admission into graduate art programs at colleges and universities or to develop and hone specific skills in the process of making art.

The "occupations" that the Post Bac Certificate in Fine Art program prepares students to enter are as vast and diverse as the Post Bac student themselves.  Admission to graduate school in an art discipline is difficult to describe as an "occupation" and those students in the business of making art in private studios as self employed artists or those becoming entrepreneurs in the array of fields in the art world at large become even more difficult to classify.  The quite general but most appropriate Federal Standard Occupational Classification seems to be:

 Classification # 27-1010 Artists-

Please refer to the government websites listed below to obtain information on the Tasks, Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Work Activities, Work Context, Job Zone, Education, Work Styles, Work Values, Related Occupations and Wages and Employment Trends provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

27.1013 Fine Artists, Including Painters, Sculptors, and Illustrators

27.1014 Multimedia Artists and Animators

Certificates in the Post Baccalaureate Fine Art program are awarded after completion of 30 required credits divided over two semesters.  Post Bac Certificate in Fine Art students register as fulltime students (minimum 12 credits per semester).  Tuition and Fees charges are the same as full-time graduate and undergraduate degree programs.  The total cost of the program for 2011-12 is as followed:

Tuition and Fees - $18,735 per semester - two semesters = $37,470
Room - shared apartment rental of $650 per month for 9 months (2 semester) = $5,850
Board - minimum of $1,310 per semester, two semesters = $2,980
Books and Supplies - vary depending on specific discipline but are generally estimated to be $1,750 semester, two semesters= $3,500

Number of students who completed the Post Bac Certificate in Fine Art program during the 2010 -11 award year:

25 student enrolled in the program during the 2010-11 academic year.  No students withdrew from the program.  23 of the these students successfully completed the program and received their Post Bac Certificate in Fine Art.  1 student did not meet academic standards and did not receive a Cerfificate and 1 student entered the program in the Spring 2011 semester and is registered to continue for the second semester in the Fall 2011 semester (2011 -12 academic year) with an anticipated Certificate graduation date of December 2011.

The overall completion rate for the 2010-11 academic year was 92% (23 of 25 students).

Students enrolled in MICA's Post Bac Certificate in Fine Art program are, of course, invited to utilize any and all services provided by MICA's Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Career Development.  Although statistics on "job placement rate" do not quite fit many aspects of the Post Bac Certificate in Fine Art program, the size and intimate nature of the following is information provided on the 2010-11 student receiving the Certificate:

13 students have been accepted and plan to enroll in an array of art disciplines at the following colleges -- Maryland Institute College of Art, University of Pennsylvania, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Syracuse University, University of North Carolina and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.

6 students will continue independent studio practice and plan to apply to graduate school for the 2012-13 academic year.

3 students are self employed studio artists.

1 student is working for a museum, 1 student is waiting to hear on a job offer as a graphic designer and 1 student is unsure of their future plans.

15 of the 25 students who attended during the 2010-11 academic year borrowed loan funds under the Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford Loan.  The Median loan debt incurred was $12,500.

8 of the 25 students who attended during the 2010-11 academic year borrowed loan funds from Private Educational Lenders.  The Median loan debt incurred was $25,170.