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Study Abroad Programs

MICA maintains a list of many semester abroad programs that are approved for participation by MICA students. A wide range of study abroad opportunities are available, including MICA's honors program in Italy, MICA's study abroad and exchange partnerships at more than 30 institutions abroad, and MICA's many domestic exchange options. Read on below for more information about each type of program, and then follow the links for more details. MICA students must participate in MICA sponsored semester programs.

MICA at SACI: An Honors Program in Italy

MICA and Studio Art Centers International (SACI) have established an honors program in Florence, Italy. A MICA faculty member is in residence at SACI every semester and facilities include dedicated MICA studio space. Students study their major subject with the MICA faculty member in residence and may choose among SACI electives in studio art, art history, conservation, liberal arts, and more.

Affiliated Programs Abroad

MICA has approved select overseas programs that are administered specifically for U.S. students. Generally, curriculum and instruction in these programs are U.S.-style. Pre-arranged housing opportunities, extracurricular activities, and administrative support services are typically available on these programs.

Direct Exchange Programs Abroad

MICA administers international exchange programs in numerous countries, providing MICA students the opportunity to learn and work alongside local students and faculty. Students on exchange programs are fully immersed in the host school and culture and can experience new ways of studying and living. Exchange programs require a great deal of independence and motivation, as study is often highly self-directed and living arrangements and extracurricular activities are often the student's responsibility. Note that most institutions have a limit on the maximum number of students who may be on exchange in any given semester, so plan to select a second or third choice program in case your first choice is full or unavailable.

Domestic Exchange Programs

MICA participates in the exchange network administered by the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD), which provides MICA students the opportunity to study for one semester at one of more than 30 participating art and design institutions throughout the United States and Canada. AICAD also administers the prestigious New York Studio Program, for which MICA can nominate five students per year.

Summer Travel Intensives

MICA offers summer study abroad programs in eight countries, as well as a domestic summer program in New York City. Most summer programs are open to all MICA students. Small class sizes of 12 to 18 participants allow for a personalized experience during intensive study abroad. Programs are led by MICA or affiliated faculty and most offer three to six college credits. Several competitive scholarships are also available. Note that summer study abroad policies and procedures are entirely different than those for semester programs.

Note that specific programs and details about each program are subject to change. Please see International Affairs for the most current program information.