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The M.A. in Critical Studies is designed as a one-year (two-semester) program. Students will normally complete the required 30 credits in a single year of study but must complete these requirements within two years. Approximately ten students will be admitted in the program’s inaugural year. The program is structured around coursework in aesthetics and critical theory along with colloquialed by distinguished guest lecturers. The topics and readings presented in these advanced colloquia are then discussed and developed in corresponding seminars, which will cover various subjects of pressing interest in aesthetics, critical theory, philosophy, cinema studies, and cultural studies. Students will be expected to conduct their own research for individual papers, complete faculty assignments, and execute more extensive individual projects that arise from seminar issues. In the final semester of study, candidates complete an extensive thesis undertaken with the advice and guidance of a faculty adviser. Students will be evaluated on their ability to define and complete individual assignments, to participate actively in seminar discussions, to conduct independent research, and to demonstrate their understanding of critical studies through investigations into its history, theory, criticism, methodology, and application.

Requirements for the MA in Critical Studies: First Semester
Course TitleCourse #credits
Aesthetics and Critical Theory I CRST 5500 3
Graduate Colloquium I CRST 5600 3
Elective I 3
Critical Voices CRST 5525 3
Thesis Methods Workshop CRST 5700 3
Requirements for the MA in Critical Studies: Second Semester
Course TitleCourse #credits
Aesthetics and Critical Theory II CRST 5550 3
Graduate Colloquium II CRST 5650 3
Elective II 3
Elective III 3
Thesis Methods Workshop 2 CRST 5800 3