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MICA is a leader—both nationally and regionally—in developing innovative degree and non-degree programs that provide students with opportunities to pursue artsbased civic engagement and service learning in Baltimore. Over the last ten years, MICA has launched three formal service learning programs: the Community Arts Partnership, the Community Art Corps, and the Master of Fine Arts in Community Arts graduate programs, plus numerous courses and projects for undergraduates.

While each of these programs serve distinct purposes, they share a common goal: leveraging MICA's talent and resources to bring the transformative impact of the arts to neighborhoods and schools throughout Baltimore. This is achieved by placing student-artists in residencies at schools and nonprofit organizations to implement arts-based programming and aid in the development of community-driven projects in some of the city's most under-resourced neighborhoods; transforming communities in the process.

As part of the Lazarus Legacy Fund Campaign, the College seeks funding that will not only support current MICA community engagement initiatives, but will also explore new partnerships and opportunities to create social impact with artists in the surrounding communities.

Your investment in this area will enhance MICA's academic and student life, and will directly impact the neighborhoods and communities surrounding MICA—strengthening, revitalizing, and transforming them into vibrant communities for artists, designers, and cultural enthusiasts alike.