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Past Exhibitions

2013 Picture Windows installation detail, Meyerhoff Gallery

PICTURE WINDOWS … The Painted Screens of Baltimore and Beyond

Friday, December 13 - Sunday, March 16, 2014

Meyerhoff Gallery

PICTURE WINDOWS … The Painted Screens of Baltimore and Beyond marks the centennial of Baltimore’s tradition of painting vivid images on row house screens. Together with Maryland folklorist Elaine Eff, co-founder of the Painted Screen Society of Baltimore, MICA will present for the first time a comprehensive look at the history of screen painting—a functional and ornamental art with roots in the 1700s in London and from a forgotten Victorian decorative art. 

2013 The Amazing Johnny Eck, Decker Gallery

The Amazing Johnny Eck

Friday, December 13 - Sunday, March 16, 2014

Decker Gallery

The Amazing Johnny Eck will present never-before-seen personal objects, artifacts and artworks by sideshow performer Johnny Eck (1911–1991), one of Baltimore’s most famous citizens. The largest collection of Eck’s works,  will showcase hundreds of his works on paper, sculptures, drawings and paintings—including painted screens.

Laurie Snyder, Rock of Ages, 2013

Look Now: Photographs by MICA Photography Faculty

Friday, January 31 - Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pinkard Gallery

In conjunction with the SPE National Conference, a celebration of the photographic practice on March 6-9 in Baltimore, MICA's Photography Department faculty will exhibit a selection of their work together for the first time. Look Now: Photographs by MICA Photography Faculty will showcase the broad spectrum of their vision as artists.

The exhibition will feature work by Thomas Baird; Regina DeLuise, Photography Department chair; Jay Gould; Alexander Heilner, associate dean for design and media; Nate Larson, chair of the 2014 SPE National Conference; John McNeil, photography manager; Lynn Silverman; Laurie Snyder; Colette Veasey-Cullors '96 (photography); and Jack Wilgus, faculty emeritus.

Installation detail, Colette Veasey-Cullors

Colette Veasey-Cullors: Life Interpreted & Home at Last

Friday, November 22 - Sunday, January 20, 2014

Pinkard Gallery

Photography Faculty Member Colette Veasey-Cullors '96 (Graduate Photography) brings together two bodies of work in this exhibition that investigates the external and internal, the contradictions and connections that complete us and how they shape identity and memory.

2012 Juried Undergraduate Exhibition

2013 Juried Undergraduate Exhibition

Wednesday, October 23 - Sunday, November 24

Decker & Meyerhoff Galleries

MICA's annual Juried Undergraduate Exhibition, is a selection of the best of the best of the College's undergraduate student artists. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are invited to submit work for consideration by the  jurors. Participants will be selected from a variety of disciplines-including painting, sculpture, illustration, ceramics, drawing, photography, and video-based on artistic merit, creativity, and vision during one intensive day. 2013 participants are: Matthew Adelberg, Jiyoon Ahn, Adam Amram, Luis Arboleda, Angela Arrigo, Michael Barkanic, Sasha Baskin, Brianna Berry, Noah Boyle, Gage Branda, Anda Brown, Thomas Bruce, Anthony-Tin Bui, Zoe Burke, Hannah Castanedo, Chelsea Castro, Moon Choi with Nara Mun & Min Hee Hwang, Alayna Citrin, India Cox, Joseph De Joya, Paola de la Pena, Matthew DeLong, Sara Dittrich, Niamh Doherty, Ryan Doyle, Sarah Favreau, Marissa Fein, Evyn Fong, Emma Foreman, Louis Fratino, Audrey Gair, Claire Geary, Maia Gillet, Lydia Hall, Kirsty Hambrick, Rachel Hayden, Lee Heinemann, Ashley Hendrix, Hannah Hiaasen, Rebecca Hopple, Amelia Hutchison, Benjamin Iluzada, Hannah Jeremiah, Jennifer Juang, Seohyun Kang, Val Karuskevich, Mariya Khoruzhik, Jin Kim, May Kim, Yeona Kim, Lillian Kirk, Sara Klementovic, Caroline Kunka, Maxime La, Adam LaFon, Ariana Lamb, Jacob Lazovick, Stella Lee, Lucie MacArthur, Lindsey Mack, Aqeel Malcolm, Marcel Mandeng-Nken, Emily Mason, Christopher McCarthy, Phoebe McCarthy, Natovian McLeod, Nicholas Metzler, Lauren Meyer, Katherine Miles, Lindsay Miller, Isobel Modica, Alexandra Moni-Sauri, Jason Mullan, Anne Murphy, Maria Mylnikov, Ivan David Ng, Alejandra Nunez, Katherine O'Brien, Kaitlin O'Keefe, Tatiana Ordonez, Daniel Pagan, Natalie Pautsch, Lydia Pettit, Ellen Phillips, Patrick Pilkey, Ariel Pond, Emma Popp, Cole Pritchard, Mary Reisenwitz, Ryan Rennie, Jacqueline Riccio, Shelby Rosabal, Emma Rose, Koren Rosenbaum, Melanie Ruston, KimSandara, Tristan Scow, Kawin Shanokprasith, Amanda Shaver, Carolyn Shayte, Drew Shields, Jimin Shim, Athina Skevi, Shane Smith, Taylor Smith-Hams, KurinaSohn, Terron Sorrells, Aaron Starkey, Amy Stober, Katherine Stone, Jessica Suhr, Elizabeth Sullivan, Boya Sun, Stephanie Tarlton, Mikela Thrasher, Mai Toyoshima, Lathan Vargason, Valerie Vernon, Eliza Vlasova, Mark Wehberg, Mark Williams, Christopher Williford and Tess Wypkema.


Installation detail, Stephanie Garmey

Stephanie Garmey: Wetlands

Friday, October 18 - Sunday, November 17

Pinkard Gallery

General fine arts faculty member Stephanie Garmey will explore the solitude of travel and place through nature. Looking at water, trees, plants, animals, and color will help translate the movement, rhythm, perspective and time of place.  Working with cut paper, drawing, encaustics, wood, and glass several vignettes will be created throughout the gallery. The viewer will walk through these environments, to evoke subtle and sometimes surprising shifts of moods and space.


Faculty Exhibition

Friday, September 27 - Sunday, October 13
Decker, Meyerhoff & Pinkard Galleries

The 2013 Faculty Exhibition will highlight the personal and professional work of the College's award-winning teaching staff.

2013 Foundation Exhibition, Meyerhoff Gallery

2013 Foundation Exhibition

Saturday, August 24 - Sunday, September 22
Meyerhoff, Fox 2 and Pinkard Galleries

Timed to coincide with arrival of the first-year students, MICA's Foundation Exhibition is one of the college's most highly regarded student shows. The exhibition featured work by rising sophomores made during the 2012/13 academic year. MICA's groundbreaking foundation program introduces all students to the fundamentals of visual arts, giving them a cornerstone upon which they can build their careers.

2013 Sabbatical

2013 Sabbatical Exhibition installation in progress, Decker Gallery

2013 Sabbatical Exhibition

Friday, August 30 - Sunday, September 22
Decker Gallery

This year's Sabbatical Exhibition will showcase the work of faculty members who took a semester away from MICA during the 2012/13 academic year to explore new themes, develop old ones, or collaborate with other artists and designers.

Participating artists include: Catherine Behrent (Foundation), Sharon Johnson (MA Art Education), Benjamin Luzzatto (Interdisciplinary Sculpture), Fletcher Mackey (Foundation), Hugh Pocock (Foundation), Shyla Rao (MAT Art Education), Jamy Sheridan (Animation), Lynn Silverman (Photography) and Jason Sloan (Interactive Arts).