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Application Process

The Student Space Gallery application process takes place in September and March of each academic year. Look for posters and applications around the college in the weeks leading up to the application due date.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions are limited to slides in Power Point format only (uploaded through our online application); no actual work will be considered as a submission. Please save your files with your name included (ie: lastname_SSGF14).
  • Submissions must be between five and ten slides, labeled with titles and dimensions. All slides must also be listed on an accompanying slide list giving each work's title (or number), dimensions, and the media used.
  • Submissions must include an artist's statement, a slide list, and a brief proposal for use of the space (e.g. how many pieces you intend to hang, sizes, configuration, etc). DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME ON SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS. You will be assigned an applicant number when you apply. It will be used to identify you throughout the blind jury review process.
  • All proposals for installations or performances must be written out with accompanying diagrams, sketches, or videos.
  • Work submitted for exhibition should be the work that is shown in the application. Additional pieces can be added as long as they belong to the same body of work and are consistent in size, style, and media. If you intend to show work other than the slides submitted with this application, you must indicate your intentions in your proposal for the use of the space. The Student Space Gallery Jury and gallery manager reserve the right to approve/disapprove the installation of exhibitions that are inconsistent with applications.
  • Student Space Gallery is not responsible for materials not picked up by the end of the academic year.
  • Note that you will be responsible for costs associated with vinyl and publicity for your exhibition, and will be held accountable for any exhibition-related damages left in the galleries after your show.

Please contact Kirsten Fricke at 410-225-2284 or or stop by the Student Activities Office with any questions you may have about the Student Space Gallery application process.

Application for Exhibition in Spring 2015

You can now APPLY ONLINE for exhibitions taking place in Spring 2015. This application is due in the Student Activities Office no later than 4:00 pm on Wednesday, September 17, 2014.