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Performing Arts Organizations

Belly Dancing Club

This club is built for people to feel stronger, healthier, sexier, and comfortable in their body. We learn the art and culture of belly dancing and movement on a weekly basis!

Cosplay Club

The Cosplay Club provides a forum for MICA students interested in cosplay to network with other cosplayers, learn from demonstrations and workshops for various aspects of cosplay, and create a peer group to attend conventions and contests with. 

The Cypher

The Cypher is a community of MICA students that are interested in hip hop culture. The Cypher informs the MICA community of the history of hip hop, as well as providing critiques and a place to share beats, raps, and any hip hop news.

*Dance/Movement in Conversation with Fine Arts

D.M.F.A. is an undergraduate/graduate student organization facilitating monthly workshops and discussions hosted by Baltimore artists, MICA faculty, and students. Contemporary art is about creating an art experience. Dance, movement practices, and body awareness is increasingly more important to the practice of art. This organization is for the activation of undergraduate and graduate students as creative peers, dialogue about the body as it relates to art making and presentation. This organization helps sustain connections to the Baltimore arts community, a tenant of MICA education. Students, faculty, and staff of all disciplines are welcome.

MICA Burlesque Troupe

The MICA Burlesque Troupe wants to take it all off. They intend on exposing the wondrous world of burlesque to the MICA community. With the help of workshops and inspirational field trips to burlesque shows, members will develop characters, routines, and relevant costumes/props. Whether it's classical burlesque, go-go dancing, or neo-burlesque performance pieces, the Troupe will present its very best in their spring performances.

MICA Improv League and Friends

The Improv League is dedicated to teaching and performing improvisational comedy. A variety of ridiculous forms and methods will be explored in weekly practices and several performances throughout the school year.


MICA's acappella group is one of the more unique student organizations. Practicing three times a week, the group performs publicly 3-5 times each semester. Members must contact the MICAppella officers to audition.

Society of Literary Artists & Poets

SLAP is dedicated to creating an environment in which students can share their voices through poetry and creative writing. We believe that writers can build off of each other's talents and find inspiration through constructive criticism and discussion in an open forum.

Thespian Club 

The Thespian Club, one of MICA's longest running clubs, is a group of actors, writers, designers and more. They are dedicated to exposing theater to the MICA community. The club presents a major theatrical performance in the fall as well as smaller, more intimate events in the spring including trips to local theatres.

Your New Commanders

Your New Commanders are known for their fall semester shadow cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This past spring they presented Dr. Horrible's sing-along blog. Join this group and find out how you can help with their various productions.