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Important Dates & Forms

When you reigster as a new student organization, you will receive more information about MICA student organization procedures and policies, resources available to student organizations, how to reserve rooms, how to use your student organization funds, and important dates/deadlines for student organizations.

Important Dates for Student Organizations

Spring 2015 

Friday, January 23: Spring Involvement Fair

Wednesday, January 29: Additional funding requests due 

*Wednesday, February 4: Student Organization Officer meeting 

*Wednesday, March 11: SVA Town Hall meeting

*Wednesday, April 8: Student Organization Officer meeting 

Friday, April 24: 2015-2016 Budget requests due 

*Denotes mandatory events that all student organizations attend! 

Important Forms

Read and watch below to learn how to use the various Student Activitites forms

As a student organization, you are able to make 27 free copies in SAO for your events.

Student Activities Event Request Form

This form is used to request rooms and spaces in all MICA buildings and outdoor spaces. It can also be used to notify Student Activities about an upcoming event from your student organization. By filling out this form, your event can be published on FYI, MICA's web calendar.

Please keep in mind that some locations can be reserved by Student Activities, but other locations may require additional approvals from other departments. Therefore, please submit your reservation form at least two (2) weeks in advance of your event.

Once your event is confirmed, Student Activities will put a copy of your event confirmation in your student organization mailbox. Be sure to get a confirmation from Student Activities before you advertise your event.

Project Request Form

Student Activities has student employees who can assist your student organization with various projects. You will need to complete the "SAO Project Request Form" and turn it in to Jill Stromberg in Student Activities. She will be able to let you know if and when the project(s) can be completed. Example projects can include, but are not limited to:

  • Distributing flyers
  • Making banners
  • Creating decorations and other types of projects

Equipment Request Form 

As a registered student organization, you receive access to use Student Activities equipment, including, but not limited to, a popcorn machine, button maker, and sound system. Please fill out this form and turn it in to Jill Stromberg in Student Activities. Equipment reservations are filled on a first come/first serve basis, so please make sure to plan ahead if you need to use any Student Activities equipment for an upcoming program or event. 

Fitness Center Equipment 

Student organizations also have access to use MICA Fitness Center equipment. Equipment can be reserved by stopping by MICA Fitness or calling 410-225-4951. 

Transportation Request Form

If your student organization is in need of transportation for a particular event, please submit this form to Student Activities.

However, before you turn in the form to Student Activities, please make sure your student organization has the funds to afford a shuttle. The 14-person shuttle is used for trips inside the Beltway (I-695), while the 25-person shuttle is used for trips outside the Beltway.  The cost of each shuttle is $125 per trip (roundtrip) whether you use the 14-passenger or the 25-passenger shuttle.

Due to increasing shuttle demands, you must submit your transportation request form a minimum of ten (10) business days in advance of your trip. Please make sure to not advertise or start selling tickets for your event until you have received a confirmation of the shuttle.

In addition, each student going on a student organization trip must complete a waiver that must be turned in to Student Activities prior to the trip.

Fundraiser/Ticket Sales Request Form 

If you need a cashbox to sell tickets for an event, or are hosting a fundraiser, please fill out this form. Having a fundraiser is a way for your organization to raise more funds for your budget. All fundraisers must be approved by your advisor. 

Budget Request Form

Most student organizations will receive a budget from Student Activities to use towards fulfilling the needs of your organization. The amount of this budget will be anywhere from $10 to $2,000 depending on the needs and activities of the individual organization. 

To gain access to this money, you simply need to schedule a meeting with a Student Activities staff member to either reimburse your expenses or provide funds in advance.