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Hobbies/Social Organizations

Animation Club

COME ZOMBIES OF ANIMATION, we will watch animation movies, talk about animation work, and do animation stuff! You do not need to be an animation major! All are welcome to the zombie animation club! Come have fun and snacks!

Anime Club

Our club meets weekly to get our anime fix. We view and discuss the latest anime (Japanese animation) and manga (Japanese comics), as well as revere/bash the classics.

Basketball Club

The Basketball Club is an opportunity for students to compete in a friendly, healthy manner. We encourage all skill levels and will meet once a week for practice. 

The Guild

This is an organization for students to hang out and play various traditional and role playing games including Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Pirates, Heroclix, Pokemon and others. We occasionally plan a trip to the Renaissance Festival, along with regular Magic drafts and play tests for both new and familiar games.

Haunted House Club

Haunted House Club meets to raise money to build a haunted house on Halloween. This event has become a long-standing tradition at MICA!

Maryland Club

The Maryland Club explores and celebrates Baltimore and Maryland activities. Students from any locale are welcome to join the Maryland Club to get the whole taste of Baltimore and Maryland. 

MICA Burlesque Troupe

The MICA Burlesque Troupe wants to take it all off. They intend on exposing the wondrous world of burlesque to the MICA community. With the help of workshops and inspirational field trips to burlesque shows, members will develop characters, routines, and relevant costumes/props. Whether it's classical burlesque, go-go dancing, or neo-burlesque performance pieces, the Troupe will present its very best in their spring performances.

MICA Furry Club

MICA Furry Club is a place for students to come together based on an interest in any part of furry culture such as drawing comics, making/wearing costumes, and coordinating plans to attend larger furry meets. 

MICA Improv League and Friends

The Improv League is dedicated to teaching and performing improvisational comedy. A variety of ridiculous forms and methods will be explored in weekly practices and several performances throughout the school year.

MICA Outdoors Club

Want a little more than concrete and city streets? MICA Outdoors Club is here to give you the chance to get out of the city and onto some trails! MICA Outdoors Club hosts some favorite events, such as hikes, an annual camping trip, s'mores night, and rock-climbing. Level of experience does not matter; we want people who are interested in the great outdoors!

MICA Soccer

The Leftovers and Sporkz are MICA's two indoor soccer teams. They compete in a Baltimore city league each semester, and tryouts are held every year to fill vacancies on the two teams. The teams play approximately once every week, and they practice regularly.

MICA Volleyball Club

This is a way for people who are interested in the sport to get together and play on a regular basis. People who are willing to learn from others with more experience are also welcome.


MICA's acappella group is one of the more unique student organizations. Practicing three times a week, the group performs publicly 3-5 times each semester. Members must contact the MICAppella officers to audition.

The Press

A printmaking club for everyone! All majors invited. We present school-wide printmaking demos of all sorts (screenprint, monoprint, etc), along with demos specifically for the club. We create pop-up shops and plan to raise money for bulk supply orders and visiting artist lectures. 

*The Salon

The Salon is an avenue for artists and curators affiliated with the MICA community to present on unconventional topics of interest and give unique performances. 

Sequential Arts Club

Our goal is to provide an outlet for MICA students interested in making comics and other forms of sequential art and visual journalism. We encourage and critique each others' work, as well as produce several zines and anthologies of our work over the course of the year.

Society of Literary Artists & Poets

SLAP is dedicated to creating an environment in which students can share their voices through poetry and creative writing. We believe that writers can build off of each other's talents and find inspiration through constructive criticism and discussion in an open forum.

Student Voice Association (SVA)

The SVA is MICA’s student government. The group meets monthly, and the topics vary depending upon student interest. SVA meetings are open to all students to voice their opinions about various concerns at MICA. SVA has many leadership opportunities for students and welcomes all students to participate.

Students of Sustainability (SOS)

Students of Sustainability (SOS) is an organization of environmentally conscience students that, through collaborative visual campaigns, campus-wide events, and peer teach-ins, strives to make sustainability a key aspect of MICA's identity and mission.

Super Smash Club

This club's purpose celebrates the Smash series by playing together. For the more competitive players, we will also discuss character potential and metagame. The main focus is on playing and having fun together. 

Swing Club

Whether students have never danced before or want to hone their skills, Swing Club provides the space and the partners to practice social dancing. We focus on East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop. Swing Club has weekly meetings as well as hosts workshops and events throughout the year. 

Thespian Club

The Thespian Club, one of MICA's longest running clubs, is a group of actors, writers, designers and more. They are dedicated to exposing theater to the MICA community. The club presents a major theatrical performance in the fall as well as smaller, more intimate events in the spring including trips to local theatres.

Urban Gaming Club

The Urban Gaming Club provides entertaining Urban games to the MICA community. They strive to give students a way to escape the stress of classes while taking time to explore campus and make friends that stick around even after the games end. Their most commonly known game, Humans vs. Zombies, has become an annual MICA tradition!

Your New Commanders

Your New Commanders are known for their annual shadow-cast production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Auditions are held in the early fall semester, and rehearsals are held once a week. Come up to the lab, and see what's on our slab!

YTB (Why The Beef)

YTB is a zine that works to break down the competition between MICA and RISD by fostering a collaborative spirit through a joint publication. The zine's pages feature parallel works from both schools, which may contrast each other or be inspired by similar sources. Interviews with industry professionals and artists are included alongside creative writing by students from both MICA and RISD. YTB is published once a semester. 

*Denotes graduate student organization