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Third Party Billing

Third-party sponsors are individuals, programs, or organizations that pay all or a portion of a student's tuition. Once the initial drop/add period has ended and the initial Financial Aid pay period has been processed, billing will be sent out to the designated funding agencies. We will bill only for those students who have completed authorizations or have submitted letters from third-party payers for the current term.

The third-party billing process defers the student's tuition and fees for the amount indicated only from the third-party payer. Students are ultimately responsible for all college costs incurred. An authorization or letter of intent to pay must be submitted each term and must be received by Student Account Services before the tuition due date.

If the authorization or letter of intent to pay for payment does not indicate a specific term or expiration date, the effective period will be the current term. The college does not notify the student or agency when authorizations or letter of intent to pay expire at the end of the term or effective date. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that appropriate paperwork is received by Student Account Services by the appropriate deadlines each term.

Authorization or letter of intent to pay for tuition may be mailed, faxed or delivered to:

Maryland Institute College of Art
Office of Student Account Services
ATTN: Third-Party Billing
1300 Mount Royal Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217

After the college receives the authorization for payment, an award is entered on the student's account. This information indicates the funding source and allows the college's registration system to process funding and generate third-party invoices.

If the college receives a direct check from a sponsoring agency, the college reserves the right to contact the sponsoring agency in regards to any refund back to the student. If the check exceeds the student's current charges, the difference will be returned to the sponsoring agency in the form of a check unless there is written consent to issue the refund to the student.

Requirements for Third-Party Sponsors

The financial guarantee sponsorships agreement must be typewritten on sponsor letterhead or submitted as a purchase order, tuition assistance form, or voucher addressed to Student Account Services. Please include the following information:

  • Current date
  • Student's full name, ID number, and the specific courses and/or semester covered. (Please note that any amendments to the tuition payment authorizations must be typewritten.)
  • An explanation of the charges the sponsor will be paying: for example, tuition, student fees, room charges, meal charges, book charges, student health insurance, parking, and/or other fees.
  • Notification of whether the sponsor will pay tuition penalties for dropped courses or penalties assessed due to late payments.
  • A notation of the maximum U.S. dollar amount MICA is allowed to bill the sponsor.
  • The name and signature of the sponsoring official authorizing billing (payments), along with contact information (phone, fax, e-mail, and address).

Payments must be unconditionally guaranteed and made within 30 days of billing. Payments are to be made directly to MICA in U.S. dollars backed by a U.S. bank. Bank handling charges must be included in addition to the billed amount if applicable. A sponsor with a past due balance may have its billing privileges terminated.

Note: Students should be aware that they are responsible for any defaults in payments by the sponsoring agency. Students can receive an individual Schedule and Invoice and must provide their third-party authorization to Student Account Services by the semester's first day of class. Sponsor payments made directly to a student, or sponsor reimbursements to a student based on grades, are not considered third party. Students are responsible for notifying Student Account Services of any class schedule changes. Further questions should also be referred to Student Account Services.