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Refund Policy for Withdrawal or Leave of Absence

Any student wishing to withdraw permanently or take a temporary leave of absence from the College must meet with the Office of Academic Advising and complete the proper paperwork. Tuition will be refunded based on the last date of attendance.

Students' security deposits and any housing deposits will be refunded within 90 days of withdrawal. The security and/or room damage deposits of students who have taken a leave of absence will remain in their accounts for usage upon their return.

If a student must withdraw from the College, tuition refunds are based upon the number of weeks that have elapsed between the first day of the semester and the last day of attendance:

Time of WithdrawalRefund
First Week of Classes 100%
Second Week of Classes 80%
Third/Fourth Week of Classes 40%
After the Fourth Week None

If a student enrolled in the Master of Arts in Community Art, Summer Master of Arts in Art Education, or the Summer Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art and must withdraw from the College, tuition refunds are based upon the number of weeks that have elapsed between the first day of the semester and the last day of attendance:

Time of WithdrawalRefund
First Week of Classes 100%
Second Week of Classes 50%
After the Second Week None

Refund amounts of federal aid are set by federal guidelines. Refunds will be distributed among the Federal Family Educational Loan Programs, the Federal Perkins Loan Program, the Federal Pell Grant Programs, the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant Program, and other financial aid programs.

Recipients of federal financial aid loans and/or grant programs who withdraw within 60 percent of the start of the semester will be required to return all or a portion of Title IV funds to the federal government according to federal regulations. The required calculation of the return of these funds may result in the student owing a balance to MICA and/or the federal government. Specific information may be obtained in the Financial Aid Office.

Refund from Financial Aid

Students with a credit on their account may be eligible for a refund. Refund checks are not automatically issued; students must officially request them from the Office of Student Accounts.  If a student does not request a refund then the amount of the credit is applied to the next term. The Office of Student Accounts does not begin processing refunds until after the start of the term, after all charges have been paid, and after financial aid funds have been disbursed.
Students will receive their refund in the form of a paper check. They can have the check mailed or indicate that they wish to pick up their refund check. Students who indicate that they wish to pick up their refund check must pick up their check up at the Student Accounts office located in the Bunting Center, Suite 240 (1401 W Mt Royal Ave). Please note that refund checks will not be mailed to campus addresses.

Credits that are a result of a Parent PLUS loan will be refunded directly to the parent who is the borrower on the loan. If a parent wishes to have the refund check made payable to their son or daughter they can do so by submitting an authorization in writing with their signature to All authorizations must be submitted to the Office of Student Accounts. Parents can fax their authorization form to 410-669-1030.

Refund requests are usually processed within ten business days from the submission of the refund request form. If the refund results from overpayment made by a personal check, the refund check will not be processed for at least fifteen business days (i.e. to verify check payment has cleared your bank).  Credits not requested for refund will automatically go to pay any new charges that may appear on the account. The one exception is a credit that is the result of a Federal Loan (or loans) which can be reimbursed to the student to the extent of the credit or loan amount, whichever is lower (as per Federal regulations).

In order to receive a refund by Monday, a refund request form must be received by 12:00pm on MTuesday of the previous week. Paper checks will be mailed or be made available for pick up depending on your requested delivery method in your refund request. Students are required to show a photo ID when picking up a refund check. Checks that have not been picked up within two weeks of that Friday will be mailed to the student's permanent address provided by the Office of Student Records, unless the Student Accounts office is notified otherwise. If a check is not received, a replacement refund check can be requested.  Please allow three weeks after the original check was mailed to report it officially lost.  At that time, a stop payment will be requested and a replacement check will be issued.

All refunds, except PLUS loans and the TuitionPay Plan, will be made payable to the student. If the refund is issued by check, the student may request in writing that the refund be sent to another party. Any outstanding debts to the College will be deducted from the credit balance prior to issuing a refund check.

Credit Card Refund Policy
If, at any time, a credit (financial aid, dropped course, or overpayment) appears on your account, a refund will be issued to the credit card which was used to pay for tuition or room and board expenses. If a credit card payment does not factor into the overpayment, then the refund will be issued by check.  This policy does not apply to flex account and fee payments made by credit card. These refunds will continue to be issued by check.

Refund from Tuition Payment Plan
Tuition Payment Plan credit can only be refunded to the bill payer of record that is listed on the TuitionPay Plan contract. If the student is the contracted bill payer, then the refund can be given to the student. A student who is not the bill payer can only receive TuitionPay related refunds once written authorization is provided to the school from the contracted bill payer.  The Maryland Institute College of Art applies the full amount of the contract balance onto the student account once the contract has begun. A refund resulting in this credit will not be issued, therefore, until the entire balance of the contract has been paid in full. The bill payer does have the ability to adjust the contract amount at any time and is encouraged to do so if their contract amount exceeds charges.

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