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Payment Options

MICA's excellence is a joint investment among students, their families, and the College. MICA offers several payment options and extended payment plans that can help with expenses during the college years. Students and parents have the option of paying by cash, check, money order, cashier's check, credit card (MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express), direct wiring of funds, or with the assistance of financial aid. In addition to state and federal sources of financial assistance, MICA offers various financing plans, which are administered by the Office of Student Account Services.

Payment by Credit Card

  • MICA will accept VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover.
  • MICA will apply a credit card service fee of 2.5% on these charges when one of the cards noted above are used.

Credit card payments using one of the cards noted above cannot be accepted over the phone or by mail. Students and parents may use the credit cards either in person or by using our new on-line payment system, currently available on the My MICA Portal. Payments that are made online can take up to 72 hours for processing. Students who are clearing balances in order to register for classes must allow sufficient payment processing time before attempting to enroll.

Parents and students may still opt to remit payment without any additional service fee by check, money order, wire, electronic ACH transfer, and cash.

Please note these policies apply only for payment of tuition, fees, campus housing and meal plans. VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover can continue to be used for any other charges on campus such as application fees, deposits, fines, and flex transactions without a service fee.

Payment by e-Check

Requirements for non-checking accounts: For savings account routing numbers, contact your financial institution. Deposit slips may not include the correct routing number. Not all payments from brokerage/investment or foreign bank accounts can be made online. Please consult with your account representative at your financial institution. Checks written from credit card accounts, commonly called convenience or credit advance checks, may not allow electronic transactions. These sorts of checks should be forwarded to Student Account Services for processing. Contact your financial institution to find out if ACH transactions are allowed. Please note that payments made online are still subject to a 2.5% of balance due penalty if the payment has not cleared by the payment due date.

Payment Processing

Student Account Services is located on the second floor of the Bunting Center. Students can make payments on their student account and deposit money on their MICARD. 

Do not submit postdated checks to the college.  Payments will be deposited on the day they are recieved.  Postdated checks that had been submitted and returned unpayable will be subject to a $25 returned check fee.

Please do not enclose notes or instructions when mailing a check payment to the college.  Additional coorespondence should be submitted by email to  Payments mailed to MICA are handled by a processing center and any additional correspondence is not subject to delivery to the Student Accounts.

Wire Transfer Instructions

Bank Name:

M&T Bank

Corporate Address:

One M&T Plaza
Buffalo, NY 14203

Baltimore Address:

715 North Howard Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

ABA Number:

022 000 046 (domestic)
MANTUS33 (international)

Account Number:


Account Name:

Maryland Institute College of Art

Comment Line:

Include student's name and MICA ID number here

MICA also has the capability of sending invoices and statements via e-mail. If you want to have future billing information sent to you electronically, please e-mail Student Account Services at Please indicate the student's name, MICA ID number, and e-mail address. You may contact Student Account Services at (410) 225-2356 if you have additional questions.

Sallie Mae TuitionPay monthly payment plan


Pay semester charges for tuition, fees, room and board in five or ten equal monthly installments with no interest charged. Families can arrange budget payments based on all of the term charges not paid by other applicable financial aid, or in part, as they prefer.


Families of all students; demonstration of financial need is not required.


Charges for the term are divided into five equal monthly payments.  The MICA Monthly Payment Plan is available through TuitionPay at (800) 635.0120 or   This is an interest free plan, however there is a nonrefundable application fee to sign up for the plan.  

How to Get Started

You can visit the TuitionPay website to enroll at Click on "Enroll Now" and in a few easy steps your enrollment will be complete.

Pay Account Online

Once you're enrolled, you can set up your own InfoLink account, which allows you to view your account information and status, and make payments any time-day or night.