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Sexual Assault Prevention

  1. Be alert and look around at all times; rapists look for easy victims. Walk briskly and know where you are going.
  2. Take the time to walk with friends; arrange your schedule to minimize the times you are alone in unsafe places.
  3. At night, use the shuttle and escort system. Don't walk alone.
  4. Even when in groups, avoid deserted and dangerous places, even in the daytime. At night, stay on well-lighted streets; avoid doorways, bushes, and other potential hiding places. At night, walk down the center of a street if possible, or stay near the curb. Keep one hand free. Walk facing traffic. Vary your walking routes. Know where you can find help on regular routes.
  5. Avoid working late at night or on weekends in isolated areas.
  6. In the residence halls, never prop open common-area doors or sleep with your room door unlocked. Don’t let people you don't know into the residence halls.
  7. Think through possible actions you would take if confronted by a rapist. Know your strength and speed.
  8. Know how to use unconventional weapons such as keys, a comb, or a pen.
  9. Have your house/car keys out and ready when you get to your home/car.
  10. Listen to your instincts. Don’t hesitate to get help in any way necessary, if you sense danger.
  11. Yelling “fire” is said to bring assistance faster than a call of “help” or “rape.”
  12. Be familiar with and use the Campus Safety services: dial ext. 2245 for an escort to walk you to your car or a campus building. Use the campus shuttle vans.


  1. When you feel uncomfortable in a situation, trust your instincts.
  2. When you mean “no,” say “NO.” Don’t allow room for misinterpretation by being ambiguous in your actions. Be firm. You should communicate your intentions and limits early.
  3. Don’t immediately trust a new friend. Remember, trust must be earned.
  4. Control the environment. You should be the one to choose or agree to the dating activity and location.
  5. Be alert to diminished awareness caused by alcohol and drugs. When you lose control because of impaired judgment, you give the advantage to a would-be assailant.
  6. Don’t allow others to violate your personal space.