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Transfer Student FAQ's

What are the application deadlines for transfer students?

Application deadlines for fall enrollment include:

  • March 1 - Application deadline for transfer students wishing to be considered for priority admission and competitive scholarships; these applicants will be notified of admission decision on April 2
  • April 2 (then rolling) - Application deadline for all other transfer students (applications received after April 1 will be considered if space is available); these applicants will be notified on April 30
  • Week of April 18-24 - Notification of scholarship recipients
  • May 21 - Candidate Reply Date: tuition and housing deposits due

Application deadlines for spring enrollment include:

  • November 5 - Application deadline (applications received after this date will be considered if space is available)
  • December 1 - Admission notifications mailed
  • December 15 - Candidate Reply Date: tuition and housing deposits due

View application requirements for transfer students or download our application.

How and when should I apply for Financial Aid?

Financial aid deadlines for fall enrollment include:

  • March 1 - Due date for all financial aid forms
    • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Due (submitted to federal processor)
    • MICA Financial Aid Application and Information Sheet (mail to MICA Financial Aid Office)
    • Parent Federal Tax Return & W-2 Statements (dependent students only; mail to MICA Financial Aid Office)
    • Student and spouse's Federal Tax Return & W-2 Statements (mail to MICA Financial Aid Office)
    • Maryland State Residents Aid Application (Maryland residents only)
  • April 18-24 - Financial aid award letters mailed to transfer students
  • May 21 - Transfer deposits due
  • June 1 - Tuition Installment Plan Application due
  • August 1 - Tuition payment due

Financial aid deadlines for spring enrollment include:

  • November 5 - Financial Aid Application due
  • December 1 - Financial Aid Award Letters mailed

What kind of merit scholarship awards does MICA offer Transfer Students?

MICA offers scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $18,000 per year to qualified students transferring from other post-secondary institutions. Scholarship recipients are selected by review of application, transcripts, and portfolio; award amounts are based on a combination of meritorious achievement and financial need. These scholarships are funded by MICA and are renewable each year until completion of the BFA degree, provided recipients maintain full-time enrollment status and an annual 3.0 GPA.

View Competitive Scholarships Procedures for Transfer Students or download our application.

What opportunities do transfer students have to visit MICA and/or have a portfolio review?

A visit to campus is perhaps the best way to gauge if MICA is the right college for you. Student-guided tours of our facilities and residential living complexes are offered Monday through Friday at 9:30 am or 1:00pm. Please call 410-225-2222 or 410-225-2294 to make an appointment.

Each fall and spring, we set aside specific Transfer Student Visit Days. General information sessions will answer your questions about application procedures, financial aid and competitive scholarships, programs of study, and student life. Campus tours of studios, classrooms, residential housing, and other facilities also will be provided. A portfolio review is also offered during our Transfer Review Days. Pre-registration is required for these events. Please call 410-225-2222 or 410-225-2294 to register.

You can have a portfolio review at a National Portfolio Day event at MICA or at a venue near you. Find a National Portfolio Day Event near you by going to or by calling our office at 410-225-2222.

Please join us for MICA's annual Open House, Sunday, April 1, 2012. Explore our facilities, view exhibitions of work by students and nationally renowned artists, learn more about our programs of study and offerings, and interact with emerging artists and renowned art professionals. We look forward to meeting and talking with you. Registration and schedule information will be available beginning February 2012.

What kind of artwork should be included in my portfolio?

Your portfolio is one of the most important requirements in the application process. Your artwork will determine, to a large extent, whether or not you will gain admission to MICA. For transfer students, the portfolio is also used to determine equivalency to MICA coursework.

Transfer students should prepare a portfolio of 15-35 pieces that reflects your "best" artwork. It should also include artwork reflective of your college level coursework. Learn more about Portfolio Preparation for Transfer Students.

What is MICA's transfer policy?

You can transfer to MICA at any point in your post-secondary education. There are no specific "transfer requirements" to fulfill prior to applying to our undergraduate program.

View MICA's transfer application requirements or download our application.

How does MICA evaluate transfer credit?

When the Admission Committee evaluates transfer credit, your prior college experience will be compared to MICA's BFA requirements. (Only credits earned at an accredited post-secondary institution will be considered.) Of the 126-132 credits we require for graduation, up to 64 may be transferred and applied toward your degree. Transfer credit for studio work is determined by portfolio review. Liberal Arts courses in which the course content parallels that of the courses offered at MICA will also be considered for transfer credit. Only courses carrying a grade of "C" or better will qualify.

Accepted students will be mailed a preliminary transfer credit review shortly after receiving their decision letter.

Please note that the basic unit of credit at MICA is a semester hour. If you are transferring from a college that uses the quarter hour system, estimate the approximately two-thirds of your total quarter hours will be transferred as semester hours.

Where can I learn more about the courses required to complete a BFA in my chosen major?

The following degree plans will provide you with an overview of the courses students in your chosen major need to complete in order to earn a BFA from MICA. Find more detailed information about our programs of study.

What classes should I take now if I'm interested in transferring to MICA at some point in the future?

By taking many or all of the courses listed below, you will be more likely to enter MICA with sophomore or junior standing.

Studio Courses
MICA CourseExample Transfer Course
Drawing I Drawing I, Basic Drawing
Drawing II Drawing II, Basic Drawing II
Painting I Painting I
Sculptural Forms 3-D Design, Intro to Sculpture
Elements of Visual Thinking I Fundamentals of Design, 2-D Design I
Elements of Visual Thinking II 2-Design II, Color Theory
Foundation Studio Elective Painting II, Printmaking, Photo, Ceramics, Intro to GD, Intro to Video, etc.
Academic Courses
MICA CourseExample Transfer Course
Academic Writing Workshop College Writing, Freshman Composition (English 101)
Literature Elective (100-200 level, 3 credits) Freshman Literature & Composition II, Fiction, Poetry, British Literature, etc
Literature Elective (300 level, 3 credits) European Literature, Romanticism, Literary Masters, etc
Science/Math (3 credits) Biology, Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Calculus, Geometry, Statistics, etc
Art History Electives (9 credits) Special Topic Art History Courses or Surveys of Art History
Modernism and After Modern or Contemporary Art History Survey
Academic Elective (3 credits) Courses from any academic area