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Competitive Scholarships for Returning Undergraduate Students

In addition to MICA-funded scholarships, the competitive scholarships for returning undergraduate students are made possible through bequests, annual gifts, and special grants and are awarded in recognition of academic achievement and demonstrated aptitude in art.

These scholarships are reserved for returning students and are awarded to sophomore through first-semester senior students through MICA's Competitive Scholarships for Returning Undergraduate Students application process. The application process is overseen by the Office of Academic Services.

Each spring, MICA offers students the chance to compete for more than $300,000 in merit-based scholarships. Eligible students must be currently enrolled, full-time, degree-seeking undergraduates and must register full-time for the following academic year. All entrants must have at least a 3.0 grade point average as of the Fall semester. Funding for competitive scholarships comes from MICA, as well as individual donors and organizations. All awards will be applied as a credit to the recipients' tuition. Students receiving MICA tuition remission benefits are not eligible for competitive scholarships.

How to Apply:

1.       Create a Behance Project containing one of the following portfolio options:

a)   Up to 10 digital images (each image 300dpi at 5"x7", .jpeg formatted)

b)   Up to 5 digital images  (each image 300dpi at 5"x7", .jpeg formatted) and up to 1 minute 30 seconds of Video* or Animation (formatted for QuickTime)

c)    Up to 3 minutes of Video* or Animation (formatted for QuickTime)

d)   Interactive work (provide a link to a webpage with interactive work;  juries will spend 3 minutes viewing/interacting with the work)

* for video documentation of time-based art, performance, or installation, any sound must be part of the original work, not added for the purpose of the scholarship review. However, voice-over to assist in clarification or "to set the stage" is acceptable. It may not be used to describe meaning, technique, your process, interpretation, or intention.

Note: Collaborative work may be submitted by only one applicant, and that applicant must have written permission from the other collaborator(s) before applying.

2.       Apply online by visiting between December 2nd, 2013 and 4pm on February 3rd,2014. Don't wait until the last minute to apply!

Helpful Links:

Merit Scholarships & Prizes for Returning Undergraduate Students:

  • Jerome Abrams ’46 Memorial Scholarship
  • AEGON USA, Inc. Scholarship
  • Priscilla Alexander Scholarship
  • Alumni Association Scholarship
  • The Ira J. Basler, Jr. and Mary K. Basler Memorial Scholarship
  • Jacob & Hilda Blaustein Award
  • Jules M. Bodarky Scholarship
  • Marcella Brenner H’01 Distinguished MAT Scholar Award
  • Reuben Brook Memorial Scholarship
  • Chesapeake Antiquarian Photographic Society Scholarship
  • The Concordia Foundation Scholarship
  • Betty Cooke ’46 Scholarship
  • Sgt. Ralph Roland Demuth Memorial Scholarship
  • Distinguished International Student Award
  • Freda Eichelberger ’81 Scholarship in Drawing
  • Freda Eichelberger ’81 Scholarship in Painting
  • Freda Eichelberger ’81 Scholarship in Sculpture
  • Evergreen House Foundation Scholarship
  • Samson Feldman ’25 Scholarship in Art Education
  • Samson Feldman ’25 Scholarship in Illustration
  • William Ferguson Merit Scholarship
  • C. Louise Mullan Flanigan ’34 Scholarship
  • France-Merrick Community Arts Partnerships Fellowship
  • Margaret Glace Scholarship in Art Education
  • Billy N. Hadaway ’51 Memorial Scholarship
  • O’Neill Troy Hammond ’69, ’75 Memorial Scholarship
  • A. Claire Gaskins Harper ’41 Scholarship
  • Francis Burns Harvey Merit Scholarship
  • Lucile Hecht Memorial Scholarship
  • Emanuel Herman ’39 Prize
  • Hoffberger Foundation Fellowship Award
  • Barry Holniker ’81 Memorial Scholarship
  • Hughlett Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Dr. Al Hurwitz ’41 Scholarship in Art Education
  • Rheda Luntz Josephs Memorial Scholarship
  • Harriet ’67 and Philip Klein Scholarship
  • Perna Krick ’31 and Reuben Kramer ’32 Award of Merit
  • Patricia Lion Krongard ’76, ’90 Art Education Scholarship
  • Nora and Eugene Leake Scholarship in Painting
  • John J. Leidy Foundation Scholarship
  • Marc Levy ’00 Memorial Scholarship
  • Morris Louis ’32 Scholarship
  • M&T Scholarship
  • Carrie Macedonia ’03 Memorial Scholarship
  • Seymour Mandelbaum Merit Scholarship
  • Dr. Frank C. Marino Foundation Scholarship
  • MICA Staff and Faculty Scholarship
  • Tom Miller ’67, ’87 Memorial Scholarship
  • Arthur Mitchell ’66 Scholarship
  • Edward C. Morton, Jr. Memorial Fund Award
  • Murthy Interactive Media Scholarship
  • Louise N. Myerberg Family Scholarship
  • Christopher J. Overholser ’65 Scholarship in Graphic Design
  • Christopher J. Overholser ’65 Scholarship in Illustration
  • Gertrude Pentland Scholarship
  • A Gift from Terry Allen Perl in Memory of Mildred Caplan Perl ’39
  • James E. Peterson ’49 Scholarship
  • William M. Philips ’54 Memorial Scholarship
  • Roberta Polevoy Fund Scholarship of the Baltimore Community Foundation
  • Josh Sallow Memorial Scholarship
  • Santa Farinella Sangiamo General Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Thomas Sangiamo Scholarship
  • Helen C. Stevens Scholarship
  • Reba Stewart Memorial Scholarship
  • Three Arts Club of Homeland, Inc. Award
  • Verizon Scholarship
  • Walter G. ’38 and Betty Wilkinson ’39 Memorial Scholarship
  • Dale Burton Wood ’30 Memorial Scholarship in Fiber
  • Dale Burton Wood ’30 Memorial Scholarship in Illustration
  • Bill Woody/Tom Miller ’67, ’87 Scholarship

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