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Falvey Hall

Located in the Brown Center, the Hall is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual systems. General specifications for the Hall are as follows:

Seating: Main Level: 430 seats; Balcony Level: 90 Seats

Stage: 42 ft long at front; Approximately 24 ft deep at deepest point

Dimensions of Hall

Height from floor to ceiling at first row of seats – 36 ft.
Height from floor to ceiling to underside of balcony at last row – 16 ft.
Length from back of hall to back of stage – approx. 100 ft.
Width of hall – 52 ft.

Sound Systems

There are two different sound systems within the Brown Center.

  • The first is a speech sound amplification system to support lectures and presentations from microphones on stage. This system emphasizes high intelligibility and flat frequency response necessary to reinforce the human voice. The space and the acoustics of the room are not designed to provide sound reinforcement for large musical groups with electronic instruments or for orchestral performances. The system is designed to support smaller scale musical or theatrical performances.
  • The second is a higher-powered full range system for the playback of prerecorded music. This is a multi-channel playback system including a traditional 5. l surround as well as additional surround EFX speakers that can be used in a variety of artistic applications. The system can support 5:1 audio for both DTS and Dolby Digital audio (6 channels of sound). It includes a left, center, right, surround left, surround right and sub-bass channel. These systems work in conjunction with the various video projection systems

Projection and Control Systems

The auditorium is designed to support a variety of projection systems. These include:

  • 16mm and 35mm film playback. The Hall has dual 35mm theatre-quality Century film projectors with Dolby interface and a single Elmo LX2200 16mm 2000 watt projector.
  • High output/high lumens Christie video projection system with support for projecting:
  • Computer graphics
  • DVD media
  • VHS Video tape
  • Digital Video tape
  • Dual Long throw, high-powered Xenon slide projectors

Video Screen

  • 14 ft. x 26 ft. Videomate 200 perforated electric screen
  • Supports 16:9 video format as well as 4:3 video and computer image format.

Intercom System

An intercom system is available to allow for communication between a stage or technical manager and technical systems operators in the control areas.

Control Systems
Control panels are available in the podium area and in the projection booth. There is also a wireless control panel. These coordinate the mixing and control of sound, light and images.

Input/Output Systems

The auditorium is wired to provide access to a number of different systems. These include:

  • Commercial Cable TV programming
  • Private campus channel (when developed)
  • Internet access
  • Ethernet connections at 1000 MBPS
  • Wireless Ethernet access from audience, stage and lobby areas

The auditorium also connects across the network to other areas in the Brown Center. These include:

  • CATV connections to the video studio, lecture hall and other areas in the building.
  • High speed Ethernet connection to sound and video productions studios