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Support for Faculty Software Needs

MICA recognizes that a number of faculty need access to software that is used as an important part of teaching within their departmental areas. We know that many faculty purchase and upgrade their own laptops that are used both at home and on campus as integral tools for teaching and communication with students. Maintaining up-to-date software that mirrors the key software used by students and other faculty is vital to their role as educators.

In response to this, MICA is developing a program to make certain that faculty are provided with some of the key software they need to do their job as instructors. Clearly MICA cannot afford to purchase all the software loaded on all of the campus computers for all faculty. So for now, the program is conceived to address the fundamental needs that faculty have for the most used software at MICA. This will include the Adobe Creative Suite, the Microsoft Office Suite, and certain Apple programs like Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, and Aperture.

Microsoft Office - MICA pays a yearly campus license fee for the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc.) so that members of the faculty may have access to the most up-to-date versions of this software for both Mac and PC format. The MICA College store provides copies to any faculty member for essentially the cost of the DVDs and the copying process - $18 for the entire suite. Please visit the College Store to pick up your copies.

Adobe Creative Suite - MICA has contracted with Adobe to provide the Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection to all faculty to use on their personal computers. This will be the same version that is loaded on campus computer and that is given to student to use on their personal machines. Please go to to download the most current version of the software. Visit the Tech Desk at the Art Tech Center with you MICA ID card to receive your serial number. The serial number should be entered in the space provided within the Adobe software to validate your installation. Please keep in mind that MICA cannot offer technical support for the installation, use or troubleshooting of this software on faculty's personal computers.

If there are other software applications that you need to have because of your teaching responsibilities at MICA, these requests will be take on a per-case basis. TSS will consult with the Academic Deans to determine if and how support for these applications will be provided. Please fill out the form mentioned below.

Please go to the Downloadable Faculty Resource page and download the form to apply for this software support. Once you have filled out the form, have it signed by your Department Chair or Graduate Director and then send it on to Jan Stinchcomb, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Faculty for final approval. If approved, Technology Services will contact you to make the software available to you.