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Telephone Services

All telephone numbers at MICA are designated by a 225 prefix with a 4-digit dialing network. Any extension can be accessed on campus by dialing the last 4 digits of the phone number. However, if you are off-campus and need to call a MICA phone number, you must dial the entirenumber with at area code and 225 prefix followed by the 4-digit extension.

MICA implemented its own PBX in September of 2005 which allows all local calls to be routed through a network of 6 PRI's. Bunting is the center point for these PRI's and the main PBX server is housed there.

All of the campus buildings are on the main PBX server, with the exception of the Bank and the Station buildings. In order to call these buildings from an on-campus extension, you must dial all ten digits of the phone number.

General Information

Dialing on campus

In order to dial on campus, you must dial just the last 4 digits of the phone number. If you have an Alcatel 4020 phone, the caller id will display the name of the person who is calling you. 4 digit dialing can be used in any of the campus buildings except Bank and Station building since they are not on the network.

Dialing off campus

To dial off campus, you must dial just 9, the area code. For long distance calls, you must enter a 4-digit long distance Account Code after hearing the tone.  Any application

Call Forwarding Variable

If you need to forward your phone to another extension, you can do so by dialing *60, and the full phone number with area code.

To deactivate call forwarding, simply press *64 from your extension.

Alcatel Premium Reflex Manual

Click here for the Alcatel Reflex Manual in PDF format


If you are experiencing problems with a telephone or fax line, please check the following:

  • Does it have a dial tone?
  • Can you receive incoming calls on that phone?
  • Can it make outgoing calls?
  • Do you still have a dial tone, when you change it to another physical phoneset?

If your phone has problems with any of the 4 tests then please call the help desk (x.2201) to report the problem.

Campus Phone functions

Campus voicemail is provided by Alcatel 4635. This system is managed internally through a server located at the Bunting Center.

Requests for a new voicemail box, or voicemail reset can be sent by email to or extension 2201 on campus.

The voicemail access number is 410-669-9200 (which is also the main campus phone number) if you are accessing voicemail from outside of campus. When you hear "If you know your party's extension " then press * and #. Enter the last 4 digits of your number (mailbox number) then enter your password.

Forwarding your phone to voicemail

If you know that you will be in a meeting and do not wish to be disturbed then you can forward your calls immediately to voicemail (without ringinging) by dialing *60.

When you are finish with the meeting then you can dial *64 to remove forwarding.

Transferring a call directly to voicemail

If you know that a Mica user is in a meeting or do not wish to be disturbed then you can transfer a call directly to another user's voicemail by dialing *** hit transfer button, and the extension # then transfer again. This will eliminate the extension from ringing 4 times before going to voicemail.

Recording an Extended Absence Greeting

Dial into your voicemail, enter password. Go into Personal Options which is #4. This is not mentioned in the menu options. Press 3 for recording greetings. Go into option 2 to record an Extended Absence Greeting.

Once you return to work, Go into voicemail, enter password. The system will prompt you to cancel the extended absence greeting by pressing 2.

Changing the Recorded Greeting on your Voicemail

To record a new greeting, Go into personal options, which is 4. Enter 3 for mailbox recordings, and follow the prompts. Personal Greetings-1, Extended Absence Greeting-2, Recorded Name-3.

Voicemail Short Cut Keys
  • 1-Rewind
  • 2-Pause
  • 3-Fast Forward
  • 5-Envelope Info (Date/Time/Phone/Length)
  • 3,3-Goes to End of Message (This is useful if you have already taken care of the message).
  • *-Skip to Previous message
  • #-Skip to next message

After Listening to a message press:

  • 4-replay
  • 7-delete
  • 9-save
  • 0-help
Instructions to retrieve voicemail on Alcatel phone sets

To retrieve messages from phone set, press the envelope button then the ok button twice. enter password then #.

Analog phone sets

Press *, #, #. Enter password then #.

Long Distance

Long Distance Service and Account Codes are provided by Verizon for each MICA Employee. Calling Cards are also offered by Verizon for the Admissions Staff who travel frequently. All New staff must receive a new long distance code.

Only Mica staff and faculty have access to Long distance use on campus phones. All Staff and faculty are provided with a 4 digit account code.

If any problems arise with the code, then please call the Help desk at ext. 2201.

Cell Phones

Cell phone service on campus is provided by Verizon Wireless, Nextel, and Sprint carriers.  Cell Phone requests must be accompanied by a written approval by the Department head.  Monthly cell phone expense reports will be sent to each department head.

All Verizon Cell phones come only equipped with a wall charger. Any additional accessories must be ordered separately.

Cell Phone Voicemail

Verizon Voicemail is provided for each cell phone. To set up voicemail, you must dial the cell phone number and interrupt it with a # sign, and enter the password. Initial password is 1 plus the last 4 digits of the cell phone number.

All Mica cell phones are given 350 allowable minutes on the America Choice Plan unless the department approves a higher plan based on usage. This plan covers any long distance service in the United States. Monthly summaries of Cell phone usage is sent to the respective Department Head. If a Cell phone user continually goes over the minutes then the Department Head has the right to take away the cell phone privelege.

Please remember that all cell phones come with a 2 year contract, so if an employee leaves, that cell phone must be passed on to another employee otherwise Mica incurrs a $175 early contract termination fee.

If you are experiencing any problems with your cell phone, please contact the Help desk at extension 2201.