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Adobe Creative Cloud Software

FAQ for Adobe Creative Cloud Software for Staff, Faculty and Students

Adobe Creative Cloud Activation

- Begin by going to:

- You will need to register a new account in order to obtain your redemption code. Do so by
clicking the 'Start Shopping' link on the bottom of the page, then click 'Register' on the following

- Enter your MICA email address and click 'Continue'.

- Fill out the blank fields on the 'Account Registration' page. Please note that this will require
creating a new password. This password is not connected to your MICA account in any way and
is only for the purpose of obtaining your Creative Cloud redemption code.

- After submitting your registration, you will be sent an email from: Maryland Institute College of
Art (, with the subject line: Email address confirmation

- Click the first link provided in the email. You should be returned to the original welcome page
with a message at the top stating 'Your email address has been successfully verified.' Once again
click the 'Start Shopping' link at the bottom.

- Enter your MICA email address as the username along with the password you've just created
and click 'Sign In'.

- Select the 'Adobe Creative Cloud' icon.

- The following page lists the software available to you as well as a link for system requirements.
To continue, click 'Add To Cart'.

- Please note the 'Extended Access Guarantee' option. This does NOT extend the length of
time you'll be able to use the Creative Cloud Software. This only extends the length of time
that you can retrieve the redemption code from this Website. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE, once
you've retrieved your redemption code, save it onto your computer, write it down, or email it to

- Click the 'Check Out' button below and then 'I Accept' on the following Terms and Conditions

- Select 'Proceed with order'. The following page contains your redemption code in red font.
(ex: 1234-ABCD-5678-EFGH-9012-IJKL)

- As stated before, save this number to a different location.

- Click the 'Redeem Now!' button located above the redemption code.

- Follow the steps on the following page for registering with Adobe. The username/password
required in step 1 is not the same as the pair you created earlier in this process. If you have not
created an Adobe ID previously, you will need to do so now. It is important to remember your
Adobe ID as you will need it for the final step, and indeed anytime you need to log into your
Creative Cloud account.

- Enter the redemption code you copied earlier on step 3. - Once finished, if you have not already downloaded/installed the trial version(if you have installed
the trial version skip to the next step), follow the links to download the Creative Cloud Application
from the list provided. After installing you will be asked for your Adobe ID, this activates your
license and you are now free to download/install any of the software listed on your personal

- If you have installed the trial version of CC, open any of the Adobe software on your machine.
You should be prompted with a window to either 'Continue Trial' or 'License Software', select
'License Software'. Sign in with your Adobe ID information and you're finished! If you've followed
all the steps above, your software is now verified.

If you have any issues with these instructions,
please contact the Help Desk at 410-225-2201