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The Graduate Research Lab is a resource for MICA graduate students interested in using technology in their artwork. The lab has computer, electronics and print labs, a wide variety of video and audio equipment, a sound studio and a staff of expert users. Students can learn through workshops, one-on-one tutorials, and an online database of articles and information on various technologies and their use in art.

Located on the fifth floor of the Fred Lazarus IV Center, the Graduate Research Lab allows graduate students to learn and use a variety of professional software and media equipment. Beyond computers and other equipment the lab has a full-time coordinator and a staff of part-time graduate students dedicated to helping student learn to use the labs facilities


The Graduate Research Lab has a full-time coordinator and several teaching interns. You can make appointments to get one-on-one help with the coordinator or with teaching interns in their area of expertise

Graduate Research Lab Coordinator

Patrick Hunt

Graduate Reasearch Lab Assistant

The following graduate student is currently working as the Grad Lab Assistant:

  • Duncan Hill, Photographic and Electronic Media

Technical Intern

  • Alexander Leonhart, Photographic and Electronic Media
  • Cola Lola-Marie, Mount Royal
  • Duncan Hill, Photographic and Electronic Media
  • Greg Walker, Photographic and Electronic Media
  • Giselle scherle, Mount Royal
  • Hieu Tran, Post Bac Graphic Design
  • Kevin Valente, Illustration Practice
  • Lynn Chen, Illustration Practice
  • Pat Galluzzo, Photographic and Electronic Media
  • Sara Hill, Photographic and Electronic Media
  • Shannon Partrick, Photographic and Electronic Media


The lab consists of the main computer lab, a digital printing lab, sound studio, and project room.

The main lab has numerous computer workstations all geared toward different tasks. There are three scanning stations with film, sheet, roll and flatbed scanners attached. Four stations are setup for web browsing, web development, flash animation and general light duty use. An additional four Mac Pro towers comprise the lab's print and video editing or proofing stations. The lab also has two video capture stations which are configured specifically for video capture and bundled with external DV/HDV decks, as well as, external video monitors. The lab offers one dedicated Pro Tools workstation in the general lab area although all of the video capture stations also double as Pro Tools work stations. Finally, the lab has a dedicated HD capture/editing and 3D modeling/rendering station with external HD deck, Blu-ray, HD TV for monitoring and Maya software. In addition to the specialized software offered such as Final Cut Pro, Maya, Pro Tools, and Vuescan, all computers in the lab are loaded with the Adobe Creative Suite, basic web browsing, basic audio and video playback and Mac iLife software.

Along with the dedicated sound station in the main lab, the lab has a full sound studio with sound-proof tracking and control rooms. Students interested in doing, voice over, ADR, foley or basic music production can use this space to record audio for their projects. The studio runs on a Mac/ProTools DAW platform.

The print lab provides high quality inkjet prints at a low cost to graduate students. Our staff works with students to teach them how to prepare files for printing, through a color managed soft proofing system, and to help them make the best prints possible. Students have made prints at the lab up to 44 inches wide by 10 feet long.

The project room provides a space for students to learn about electronics and physical interfaces. Projects such as adding sound to a performance or installation piece, creating viewer aware artwork, using sensors and motors, writing software for computers or smart phones or even circuit bending can be researched and constructed in this dedicated space. The lab has several microcontroller units for students to experiment with as well as basic electronics components and soldering station.


The checkout facility at the Graduate Research Lab provides students with a variety of photographic, video, sound and multimedia equipment that can be checked out for a limited period of time. Some of the equipment includes, HD and DV video cameras, video camera stabilizers, digital SLRs, hot lights and photographic strobes, digital audio recorders, microphones, multimedia projectors, cables and a host of other accessories.