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CNC Mills

The dFab Studio has multiple CNC milling machines, each tailored to specific sizes and types of work. This range of equipment allows a great variety of materials and scales to be milled in the studio. Due to the complexities of these tools, access is typically limited to students who have taken a course that teaches the multiple aspects of their use.

CNC Router / Mills

MultiCAM Router

The MultiCAM router has a 49" x 97" x 3.5" cutting capacity, enabling it to cut full sheets of plywood, MDF, acrylic, and other materials.  This router can also mill aluminum and other non-ferrous metals in modest amounts.  With a knife attachment, this tool can cut fabric, paper, and other thin materials.

Roland MDX 40

The MDX 40 is capable of highly precise milling of materials up to 12" x12" x 2".  This machine also has a 4th axis, enabling it to carve objects in the round.

Roland MDX 20

The MDX 40 is capable of highly precise milling of materials up to 6" x 8" x 2".

MICA dFab CNC Router Access Policy

The policy for the CNC router is that you must have taken a class that teaches the use of the router, prior to using this tool.  If you have taken a such a course, follow these steps.

  • Schedule a meeting with the dFab Tech to determine if your project is viable, and that it can be accommodated in the needed timeframe.  If so, do the following.

  • prepare your files in Rhino

  • schedule a meeting with the dFab Tech

  • gather your materials and bring them to the dFab Studio

  • create toolpaths in RhinoCAM, with approval from the dFab Tech

  • Save your Rhino/RhinoCAM files and export your g-code

  • run your files on the CNC router, with supervision from the dFab Tech

  • clean up the router and remove your materials from the studio

Under certain circumstances, exceptions may be granted to the “take a class first” rule. Such exceptions are on a case-by-case basis.  Do not assume that because your project is really great or really important to you, that an exception can be granted for your project.  This determination is made based upon the scope of the project, the student’s experience, and the schedule of the studio.  Note that this last factor is a very real limitation and irrespective of a project’s merit and a student’s need.