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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to complete an internship?

Students who have:

  • Completed their Foundation year (at least 27 credits) 
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above 

We encourage all students to pursue internships, however, it is mandatory for Photography and Video & Film Arts majors, and Curatorial Studies concentrators to complete an internship for credit as a part of their degree plan.

Why is an internship important?

Internships provide students with real-world experience in an official or formal capacity. Internships allow students to gain work experience, explore different career options, develop marketable skills, establish professional contacts, and earn up to 6 studio credits.

What qualities make an internship a "good" one?

A good internship should offer the student career-related experience in a professional setting where the student will learn about professional practice in a field they are interested in. While some administrative tasks are necessary, these should be minimal with most of the work focusing on educational opportunities.

Can I complete a "virtual" internship where I work from home?

No, students must be working on-site (not from home) for the vast majority of their internship. The reason MICA does not accept work-from-home internships is because we want our students to take part in and to be held accountable for the rich experience of working on a team in the workplace. There is a lot of valuable learning that comes from working face-to-face with others, including the importance of business etiquette, presentation and communication skills. Virtual experiences are hard to quantify and effectively evaluate in a virtual environment.

Can I complete an internship outside of the Baltimore area?

Of course! Career Development has many resources for students who are looking for internships outside the Baltimore area. We have helped students find internships in many different states across America, and have also helped with international searches.

If I am planning to do a summer internship outside of the Baltimore area, when should I attend an Internship Orientation?

Plan ahead! If you think you will be completing an internship over the summer outside of Baltimore, attend an Internship Orientation during the spring semester prior to your internship. Your internship does not have to be finalized to attend.

I heard I missed the deadline to register my internship for credit. Is that true?

The only true deadline to receive academic credit for your internship is to attend an Internship Orientation, complete the Learning Contract and submit it to Career Development BEFORE you begin working, and BEFORE the Add Deadline of the semester on which you wish to receive credit.  The Learning Contract is the initial agreement between you, the internship site, and MICA, and it must be approved by the site, your department chairperson and Career Development (either party reserves the right to deny an internship if they do not think it's an appropriate experience).  Late contracts are not accepted, so plan your internship in advance!

Can I do more than one internship for credit?

Yes.  MICA allows students to complete two internships for studio credit, but they must be at different sites under different supervisors.  Career Development recommends students to complete multiple internships to broaden their experiences and learn about different industries, regardless of whether or not they receive credit.

I've already attended an Internship Orientation for my last internship. Do I need to attend another one?

If you have already done an internship for credit and attended the Internship Orientation in the past, you do not need to attend a second one. Simply submit your Learning Contract within for approval before your internship begins.

If I do an internship over the summer, can I put the credits on the fall semester?

Yes.* You are allowed to apply internship credits to a future semester, within the two semesters following your internship. For example, if you complete a summer internship, you can apply the credits to the fall or spring semester following the internship. No matter when you are receiving credit, you must attend an Internship Orientation, submit your electronic Learning Contract to Career Development, and obtain all appropriate approvals BEFORE you begin working. For example, you cannot return from summer break and try to get credit for an internship you completed over the summer, because attending an Internship Orientation and completing the Learning Contract must take place before you being working.

*International students on an F-1 visa who are completing an internship in the United States are required to add their internship credits to the semester in which the work is being completed. See more information on international student internship requirements below.

How does the internship count toward my degree plan?

An internship fulfills a 3-credit Studio Elective course on your transcript, on a pass/fail basis.

How many hours do I have to work in order to receive credit for my internship?

If your experience is unpaid, you must work a minimum of 120 hours. If paid, you are required to work 200 hours.

I have worked the required number of hours at my internship.  If I continue working, can I receive more credit?

If you complete more than the required number of hours at your internship site, you cannot get additional credits. We allow students to receive a total of 6 credits for internship experience, but each internship must be at a different site. Many students go on to do more than two internships to gain valuable experience outside of the crediting process.

What assignments do I need to complete in addition to my on-site work?

In order to receive a passing grade for your internship, you must complete the following assignments:

  • Midpoint log of hours
  • Midpoint internship questionnaire
  • Final log of hours
  • Final internship questionnaire
  • 3 informational interviews
  • Five year plan
  • Resume sample
  • Cover letter sample
  • Final internship summary
  • Final presentation

All of these requirements are outlined and explained during the Internship Orientation, and will be given to you electronically when you receive your internship approval confirmation.

I am an international student on an F-1 visa. Can I complete an internship?

Absolutely. You are also welcome to complete an internship in your home country over the summer.  After two semesters in F-1 status, students may be eligible to apply for authorization to engage in off-campus internships through Curricular Practical Training (CPT). CPT must be authorized in advance on the student's I-20 in order for the work to be legal. Your Learning Contract will need to be approved by the International Student Advisor to ensure you are authorized to complete an internship in the United States. More information regarding employment on an F-1 visa in the United States can be found on the office of International Affairs' website.