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CMS User Mini-Guide

General Overview

Basic Permissions*:

  • Edit pages within assigned department;
  • Create pages within assigned department;
  • Advance pages through workflow**;

*Additional permissions vary depending on the user's department and group.
**Only CMS administrators can add/remove pages from workflow.

Site Tree

The organization of the site tree (in most cases) directly corresponds to the organization of MICA's website (i.e. "Home" in the CMS folder is the Home page on

Page Assignments

You may see which pages are currently assigned to you by clicking the "Assignments" tab located under the site tree on the left toolbar column. These are the pages that have been assigned to you via workflow or by an admin.

Creating Folders/Pages/Components

To create a page, right-click (or command-click) the parent folder/page, highlight new and select folder, page or component. If you are creating multiples, you may use the copy and paste method. However, keep in mind all attributes will be duplicated as well.


What is my Username?

Typically, your username and password are the same you use for all MICA resources (e.g. e-mail).

If you've forgotten your login information, contact MICA's Help Desk at or call 410-225-2201.

Why can't I edit this page?

There are three possible reasons for this:

The page is not assigned to you in workflow.

  1. Check to see where the page is in its workflow; then
  2. Click on "Advance in Workflow"; if you see "Begin Working", click it; or

Contact the person to whom the page is currently assigned or a CMS administrator.

It is not checked out to you.

Click the "Check Out" button located on the main toolbar.

You don't have the correct permissions to edit that page.

Contact a CMS administrator.

How do I know my page is checked-in and will be published?

Bold = Marked for publish

Grey/Faded = Checked in

How do I prevent the text from automatically double spacing?

Easy! Simply press Shift+Enter to crate a line break.

How do I add/align images to the body copy?

Select where in the body copy you would like the image to be displayed and click the insert/edit image button insert image button located in your text editor toolbar.

Browse images by clicking the menu icon menu icon located at the image URL field.

To align the image with the text, click the appearance tab and select your preference from the alignment drop-down menu.

How do I create links from text in the body copy?

Highlight the word/ phrase you would like to turn into a link and click the insert/edit link button insert link button located in your text editor toolbar.

You can create four types of links:

  • Internal - Links to another page within the MICA website;
  • External - Links to a page outside of the MICA website;
  • Anchor - Links to a section within the same page; and
  • E-mail - Links to an e-mail address.

To remove a link from a word or phrase, click the unlink button unlink button located in your text editor toolbar.

How can I see what my page looks like before it goes live?

Two ways:

  1. Click the "Page View" tab located on the Edit pane; or
  2. Click "Preview" located in the main toolbar.

Why haven't my changes appeared on the website?

The entire website is usually published twice each business day: once in the morning and again before 6:00pm. However, pages that aren't approved and advanced to publish before the end of the day will not be published that day.

Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)

CTRL + ALT + N New Folder
CTRL + S Save
CTRL + SHIFT + N New Component
CTRL + SHIFT + P Preview Page
CTRL + SHIFT + R Rename Page
CTRL + M Upload
ALT + ENTER Properties
CTRL + X Cut
CTRL + C Copy
CTRL + V Paste
F2 Help
CTRL + SHIFT + I Check-In Page
CTRL + SHIFT + O Check-Out Page
CTRL + D Show Differences
CTRL + N New Page
CTRL + T Advance in Workflow
CTRL + K Assign To
CTRL + F7 Spell Check
CTRL + F5 Refresh Tree
DEL Delete