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Kirsten D'andrea Hollander

Kirsten Hollander

Kirsten D'Andrea Hollander received a BFA in Painting from MICA in 1988 and an MFA in Imaging and Digital Arts from UMBC in 1997. She is a full-time professor at MICA, where she teaches Drawing and Elements of Visual Thinking in the Foundation Department. She also teaches Moving Image I, Documentary and Community Documentary in the Video & Film Arts Department. Kirsten has received numerous awards for her film work, including an Independent Filmmaker Project Lab Fellowship in 2011, and has had work seen in film festivals around the U.S. and via distribution abroad. 

Us Naked, slated for release in 2012, tells the on stage and behind the scenes story of Trixie Little and The Evil HateMonkey, performance artists from Baltimore unsatisfied with their underground fame in the burlesque world. Through their journey, captured over the past five years, viewers will also get a glimpse into the neo-burlesque revival and Trixie and Monkey's utter devotion to integrating circus arts with this taboo-shattering art form.

Kirsten is also the director of Finding Our Wings, a community documentary collective that takes place in MICA's Video & Film Arts Department and at MICA Place. Wings mission is anchored in two different worlds - the world of community arts, strategizing to connect with local community, and the world of feature length documentary filmmaking, aiming for a global audience.

Kirsten filming on Brooklyn Bridge

Wings meeting with PrudenceFor the past five years, MICA students and Wings teen women have been collaborating on a documentary film that cultivates self-respect for girls becoming women in the inner city of Baltimore. This respect needs to be manifested locally and globally so these young women recognize their agency to become community, national and global leaders. The Finding Our Wings documentary is slated for release in 2014.