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Jon Bevers

Jon Bevers is a filmmaker and visual artist from Baltimore, MD. He has shown work in museums and galleries across the east coast from New York to Virginia. He has worked on numerous independent films and television productions that have been showcased on network television and film festivals around the world. He continues to to work on films and productions, keeping up with the ever changing industry of film and video.

Jon has been working with the MICA Film and Video department since 2008.  Since that time he has been a crucial part of Film and Video Department's technical foundation. Film and Video technology is always changing. Through Jon's continued work on movie and television productions, he keeps up with the changes in order to deliver students with up-to-date technical knowledge and protocols.

Jon also helped create the technical infrastructure of MICA's internet radio, WICV. Working with students, he helped facilitate a studio for the radio to broadcast live shows and provided a hardware/software framework so that students can stream free-form internet radio from campus to the world.

Recently, Jon Bevers premiered "Cancer," a short film based on one of Karl Stockhausen's 12 parts of the musical composition, "Tierkreis." The Tierkreis score is based on the 12 zodiac signs; this film is particularly based on the zodiac sign of Cancer. MICA faculty member, Erik Spangler, produced the music for the film and it stars local Baltimore artist, Paul Mintz.