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Receiving Packages

MICA Postal & Print Package Policy

Faculty, Staff, and Undergraduate Students and Grad Students in the Critical Studies, Illustration Practice, Grapic Design MFA and Post Bacc Graphic Design living off campus may receive packages at the Postal & Print Office. Non-MICA personnel may not receive packages in Postal & Print Services. Faculty and Staff packages will be delivered to their on-campus departmental locus. To check the arrival status of packages, students will need to check the list posted in Postal & Print Services by the register or check the notes section of our Facebook Page:

Off-Campus Student Packages will be held for 10 calendar days before being returned to sender.

Please note when you are selecting your shipping service that we are not open for FedEx Express Priority First Overnight Deliveries (8:00 AM). We open at 8:30 AM Monday through Friday.


For Undergraduate and selected Grad Program students living off-campus (in Graphic Design MFA or Post Bacc Graphic Design), please address your student's package to:

Student's Name
c/o MICA Postal & Print
1401 W Mount Royal Ave
Baltimore, MD 21217-4245
Tel: 410-225-2202 (or if you prefer, leave your student's cell phone number if the package contains perishable items.)

For Graduate Students:

Graduate Students (not in  Graphic Design MFA or Post Bacc Graphic Design or Programs listed below)

Packages only. Letter mail should be sent to your residence.

Student's Name
c/o MICA Graduate Studies
131 W North Ave
Baltimore, MD 21201-5807

Graduate Students in any Art Education Program, Critical Studies, Illustration Practice, Rinehart, or Social Design

Student's Name
c/o MICA (program name)
1801 Falls Rd
Baltimore, MD 21201

Students Living On Campus

Students living on campus should have their packages delivered to their residence hall. Any packages addressed to MICA's main address or to the Postal & Print Office will be delivered to the student's dormitory.

Student packages will be noted in a package log or notification board at the front desk of the residence hall:

For the Meyerhoff House:

Student's Name
Meyerhoff House, MICA
140 W Lafayette Ave, Apt #
Baltimore, MD 21217-4226

For Founders' Green:

Student's Name
120 McMechen St, Apt # *
Baltimore, MD 21217-4337
(To find the specific Zip Code + Four for your appartment, please go to, Look Up A Zip Code TM.)

*Apartment designations depend on the building:

Hall Name                                     Sample Room Number
Carter Hall                                    CH-101A
Glace Hall                                      GH-201A
Leake Hall                                      LH-204A
Spear Hall                                      SH-101A

For the Gateway (and Mount Royal Apartments, packages only):

Student's Name
c/o Gateway, MICA, Apt # (or Mount Royal Apt #)
1601 W Mount Royal Ave
Baltimore, MD 21217-4406

For the Beethoven Apartments (Mail only):

Student's Name
c/o Beethoven
1518 Park Ave
Baltimore, MD  21217

(For packages, please address them to the information above for Founders' Green.)

MICA Place

Student's Name
c/o MICA Place
814 N Collington Ave
Baltimore, MD 21205

Special Note about Sending Cash, Gift Cards or important ID documents through the US Mail

As tempting as it is for parents and grandparents to send money to their college student, MICA Postal & Print Services does not recommend sending cash or gift cards through the mail. In the past, letters with cash or gift cards have not always reached their destination. We recommend calling MICA Student Account Sevices for a more secure transaction to deposit money in your student's Flex Account : 410-225-2356 to make a credit card payment over the phone.

If you must send money, please send a pre-paid credit card taped to the inside of a rigid envelope and be sure to put a tracking number on it (Registered Mail or Certified, Return Receipt). Keep the reciept and card information until your student receives the gift card.

 Cards that may look like gift cards, such as a student's social security card or driver's license, may also go missing in the US mail. Please report any missing mail to

If it's important, pay to have it tracked.